What is the best time to cut a tree?

Grinding Tree Stump with Grinder.

Do you have a tree in your yard that has a disease or is dying? If yes, then chances are that it is time for you to cut your tree and get rid of it. To do this, you will have to rely on tree cutting services. Make sure that you are not trying to cut the tree yourself, because it is a dangerous task. Cutting a tree is not as easy and simple as it sounds.  Rather, it is something that only the experts can do with the use of personal protective equipment and other tree cutting gear.

The best time to get rid of a tree

So, in case your tree is diseased, get it cut right away. However, you may still be wondering, what is the best time to get a tree removed from your garden? In this article, we discuss the best time in the year for this process. This includes:

During dormancy

The best time to cut the tree is during the dormant season. Those people who live in areas that have very distinct seasons, it is better to cut the trees in the early spring or late in winter.

In case you do not fully want to remove the tree, then you will not cut it entirely. Basically, we will suggest you cut about one-third of its branches. In case you cut more than that, the tree will be put under way too much stress.

In case you cut a tree during its dormant stage, the tree will grow back much faster. Furthermore, its resulting growth will be much more dormant in the spring season.

When the tree is dying

In case you have a dying tree, you do not have to wait at all. Trees that are dying have hanging branches that pose a big problem. Furthermore, if the tree falls, it can wreak havoc on the property and can also be a potential life hazard. So, this is something that you want to solve as soon as possible.

With that, dying trees often carry a number of diseases that can be passed on to the other trees in your backyard along with plants. For instance, they may be home to termites that can then make their way into your house and destroy your furniture.

What should you expect?

In case you are cutting the tree in fall or sprint, this means that the tree will be under stress. When you cut the thick trunk part and expose a lot, chances are that the tree could get a disease. Furthermore, if your know that your tree’s trunk is going to pose a number of problems in the future, then it is just better to get rid of it in time.

Just make sure that the company that you are relying on for tree removal is experienced enough. You certainly do not want a rookie or inexperienced company to do this job for you. After all, it is a dangerous job and is not for everyone to do.

Ending note

Cutting a tree is something that only skilled people can do. So, make sure that the company that you are using has all the necessary personal protective equipment. Furthermore, if your tree is dead or dying, then call emergency tree services Bethesda right away to solve the problem. A dying tree is something that needs your attention right away, otherwise it can cause the loss of a life. Similarly, it can fall into your neighbor’s property and you can be sued for that. So, rather than dealing with a lawsuit later, deal with your dying tree just in time.

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