What Is A Grab Crane? What Are The Types And Uses Of Grab Cranes?

Grab cranes as the term suggests are cranes that are designed to grab. These cranes are mostly found at mines, docks and station yards, etc. to lift all sorts of materials, logs, and bulk cargos. Most crane rentals provide grab cranes for various jobs. You might have come across several but you wouldn’t know the difference. So, let’s take a deeper look into the types along with the uses of grab cranes.

Grab Crane Types

The grab crane is identified as an automatic material picking machine that does not require auxiliary personnel. Instead, the grabbing and unloading of materials are done by the ship unloader driver. As a result, not only does the loading and unloading efficiency improve but also saves auxiliary working time and heavy labor.

Furthermore, there are a few types of grab cranes:

  • Bridge grab cranes
  • Folding arm grab cranes
  • Gantry grab cranes

If you were to pick one, your decision should be based on the type of job and the crane type driving method and grab type.

Bridge Grab Crane

Bridge grab cranes are designed for granular and bulk materials. The crane features a conventional configuration of a bridge grab crane. The crane and the grab are controlled by a driver in the driver’s cab and the cab is divided into closed and unclosed types. Each machine comes with a resistance speed regulation and a winding-type lifting motor.

Based On Loading Materials

As mentioned earlier, grab cranes differ based on the type of loading and unloading object such as round wood hanging and sugar cane falling, etc. However, China with its impressive innovation has introduced a multi-purpose grab crane.

Clamshell Grab Crane

A clamshell grab crane is designed to lift and unload various bulk cargo such as coal, minerals, etc. This is why these cranes are most popular at mines and docks etc. Plus, these cranes can also be used for stone and earth excavation.

Wastes Handling Grab Crane

Waste handling grab cranes are used at waste refining and garbage disposal sites, etc. These cranes are not used to excavate but only to load and unload. You might have seen these cranes in junkyards where they pick up bulks of metal and shift them to other areas.

Wood, Log, And Pipes Handling Grab Crane

Wood, log, and pipes handling grab crane deals with loading and unloading of wood, logs, pipes, drums, and other types of objects. These grab cranes can be attached to gantry and tower cranes and can be used to pick up various objects by a single or multiple grabs.

How To Choose A Grab Crane?

When it comes to choosing a grab crane, there are several factors to consider. The first thing you need to choose is the type of grab power according to the crane. The loading and unloading will only be effective and efficient as the crane you have opted for.

If you were to choose a crane that was not designed to handle extremely heavy loads, the grab crane will struggle with stability and might ultimately end up crashing. Secondly, you should also match the types of goods that need to be loaded and unloaded with the corresponding grapple.

For instance, if the loading and unloading material is coal, you should use a light-double-flap grab, while a heavy double-flap mine grab will reduce the loading and unloading efficiency by at least 50%.

How To Maintain A Grab Crane?

Since grab cranes work round the clock to load and unload heavy materials, wear and tear is inevitable. That said, it is important that the crane is regularly and thoroughly inspected for damages or leaks, etc. Not only is it the responsibility of the driver but also the owner to perform a quick inspection before each task to ensure everything is working as it should be.

In addition to that, the crane should also be inspected by an inspector who will prepare a report and share the findings. This will help identify and fix any issues beforehand rather than taking chances.

Final Word

Grab cranes are very useful machines that get the job done within a few hours if not days. However, it is important that the type of job matches the type of grab crane to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind when it comes to renting or purchasing a grab crane from crane services VA.

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