9 Uncontested Divorce Rules You Should Remember

Divorces can turn messy quickly and the main reason for dispute is the fact that both parties aren’t on the same page about separation or the terms involved in it. Uncontested divorce fare better in this regard for which you can take legal advice from an uncontested divorce attorney to make the process even more smooth. If you guys are opting for an uncontested divorce, then these things should be kept in mind.

What Is An Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is a mess-free and amicable way of parting ways with your spouse and officially putting your marriage to an end. Usually, in divorces, the main resisting force is the fact that one or the other partner isn’t ready for the separation or there are a lot of issues involved in the fair division of assets, as well as the agreements. Essentially, an uncontested divorce is a type of divorce in which both parties involved come to an agreement and decide to negotiate with each other to reach a cordial end to the relationship and marriage.

Uncontested divorces are preferred in every case, because they’re easy, there’s no need for hearings or agreement negotiations, and relatively it’s quite inexpensive for couples to go through this specific divorce procedure, but that’s not to say that everyone is willing to negotiate and separate on good terms. There is a lot of effort involved from both parties and things aren’t so easily resolved. In short, uncontested divorces are easier said than done.

Uncontested Divorce Rules

Here are some basic rules and reminders that are important to know, when considering uncontested divorce.

It Can Be Tricky

First of all, you don’t know a person’s intentions, and especially in bruising cases of divorces where there can be a lot of ill will that, even when they’re seemingly “uncontested”, can lead to a lot of damage.

What you don’t want to do, is to trust your soon-to-be ex, because that’s not smart at all. It’s best to keep the important details to yourself and only engage in surface-level conversation with them. The rest of the important stuff needs to be discussed with your lawyer.


The main pillar of uncontested divorce is negotiation. This is the very thing that separates uncontested divorce from other types of divorce. You need to master the art of negotiation and getting what you want, without being selfish about it.

If you guys are on good terms, genuinely, and want to get out of the marriage, then you can certainly do so. There are ways to approach this method and negotiating with your soon-to-be-ex spouse regarding everything from property division to the custody of children, etc. needs to be handled well without the onslaught of emotions and rage.

The Softer Approach

Let’s flip the situation. What if your spouse surprises you with the fact that they no longer want to be married to you anymore and serve you divorce papers, right then and there? You would be a bundle of emotions and a tornado waiting to explode. The point is, sometimes, being direct isn’t the most bright idea when it comes to an uncontested divorce. You need to approach these violent yet seemingly calm waters with great care.

If you want a divorce and want it to be as mess-free as possible, then you need to implement a softer approach. Talk to your spouse and let them know about the trouble in paradise. Ask them what they think and let them be honest. Once you both get these things off your chest, you can come to terms with the fact that a divorce is the best option for both of you.

Be Realistic

Divorces aren’t just hard for you. This is a fact that you must remember. They’re also tremendously and emotionally draining for the other party involved, so this is not the time to be selfish. Consider everything when you’re opting for a divorce and be realistic when things are being divided among the two of you.

No one should expect that they will be walking out of the marriage with the status of a billionaire and a huge money chest. That’s not how these things work.

Consider Early Mediation

While approaching the topic of divorce can be daunting, it’s also important. But do you know what else is important? Getting a mediator as soon as possible. If you think that your spouse might not react well to the news of a divorce or even the possibility of being separated, then you should consider early mediation.

A mediator is a neutral party who’s going to help negotiate the terms of the divorce between the two parties involved and help them meet in the middle.

Get Your Lawyer

It’s never a good idea for both partners to get a single lawyer. A lawyer isn’t skewed to any specific person. They mostly work on facts, the law, and everything in between. So, if you guys are considering getting a divorce, it’s better if you both opt for completely different lawyers and not give in to the “recommendations” and “references”.

Having your divorce lawyer Fairfax VA will give you a fresh perspective on things and they might also have other tips up their sleeve to help you get through this process easily. Try not to be a “yes” person all the time, when it comes to divorce. You need to stand your ground.

Consider Everything

It might be tempting to think only about yourself when going through a divorce, but it’s not always ideal. Yes, you don’t want to be a doormat for everyone, but one thing that a lot of people tend to forget about when going through a divorce is the impact and the aftershocks of divorce on the kids, on the rest of the family, and so on.

You need to keep the sanity of your children in mind and that goes for the both of you. This is not the time to be selfish.

It Can Be Cheap Until It’s Not

Uncontested divorces are known to be inexpensive, but be warned because that’s not always the case. It’s important that you’re not driving the divorce solely on the fact that it costs less and you should go for this specific type. Sometimes, things aren’t as simple and one slip can lead to hefty fees swarming your way and that’s not a smart move at the end of the day. If you want to keep divorce cost low, then make sure the other party agrees with you on this.

Do Your Research

Last but not least, you need to take your situation into your own hands. No one is going to do it for you. You’re about to become independent and this is a good place to start.

Don’t just rely on he-said, she-said and do your research, find your legal help, ask them your questions, and get the queries out of the way. When you do your research, you can find multiple and helpful avenues for going about an uncontested divorce.


The easiest way to part from your spouse without any regrets, remorse, or bad feelings is an uncontested divorce, and these rules and tips are important to remember. However, these tips are not an alternative of an uncontested divorce lawyer Fairfax VA. So, hire one.

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