What Are The Best Review Websites For Car Dealerships

Buying or selling cars is an interesting business. For customers that are looking to purchase new vehicles do research on the internet. As a result, they come across multiple review websites that may or may not be reliable enough. So, we have gathered a list of some of the top review websites for car dealerships you need to consider for creating targeted strategies to generate reviews. Let’s discuss!


Google tops the list when it comes to consumers trusting the reviews and personal recommendations online. Over the years, Google has come up with and introduced significant changes to make sure the reviews are authentic. That said, it keeps changing its algorithms to keep things as reliable as possible.

If you own a car dealership, you should have a Google Business Profile, if you don’t already. A Google Business Profile is an excellent opportunity for businesses like yours out there that rely on reviews and personal recommendations. All you need to do is provide relevant and complete information so that the potential customers can not only contact you but also realize that the business is authentic.

At the same time, your Google Business Profile also influences your dealership’s local SEO. The algorithm factors in your local area, relevancy, and photos to determine your search engine ranking. So, if you were to keep your business profile up to date and active, Google will rank it higher than your competitors when customers search for car dealerships.


Another highly trustable source for potential customers is Facebook. You might have come across several car dealerships showing up in your search results or being advertised as you are going through your profile. Today, you can even pay Facebook to put up your ads and it will ‘Suggest You’ the relevant pages based on your surfing habits.

In fact, the algorithms have become so clever that if you were to search for something on Google, Facebook will keep track and show you more or less the same suggestions on your profile. This means that you do not have to search for the same item or dealership individually.

In addition to that, Facebook users also leave reviews. Similar to the Google Business Profile, your Facebook profile also allows you to interact with potential customers and they can leave a review in return.

Furthermore, Facebook also has an online marketplace where dealers can post new and used cars that your dealership has. Users can find your dealership from the listing.


There was a time when Yelp was known as a popular review site only for restaurants. However, with time, the website improved its reputation by allowing dealerships to list and sell their cars. In fact, you have several types of businesses on Yelp today that customers can view and review.

However, Yelp has a very straightforward policy about business owners requesting reviews from customers, responding to reviews, and thanking them to improve their reputation. Not only will it prove that you care about your customers but also attract more potential customers as they gradually realize that you are an authentic business to deal with.


DealerRater is a popular online car review site. It focuses on dealership ratings along with profile pages of car dealerships and the employee ratings of different dealerships. Furthermore, it provides ways for customers to connect with the sales or support team of the dealership there are interested in or not interested in.

It is estimated that the website gets 14 million visits a month and has more than 2 million reviews, which makes it an option worthy of consideration.


AutoTrader is the largest auto listing site online where literally millions of buyers and sellers contact each other and make purchases and sales. To make your business more noticeable, you can put up your dealership information along with new car listings and review ratings to find more buyers. is another automotive listing site that attracts a staggering number of visitors every month. You can list your vehicles here and even do side-by-side comparisons. On the other hand, the customers can also leave reviews so that other potential buyers can see them and make their decisions accordingly.

Final Word

In the end, there are several other online review sites for car dealerships but the ones mentioned above are tried and tested. These sources have the biggest data when it comes to recommendations and reviews and therefore, should be considered by every car dealership out there. The next step is to search for how to get reviews using a review management system for increasing the reputation of your car dealership.

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