What Are Jack And Slide Systems

When you are working in industrial rigging, every other job/ project you come across might be very different from the projects you have done in the past. This explains the huge variety of lifting equipment available in the industry. These equipment are used to help you lift heavy loads safely without causing much issues. When your client has a limited budget, and limited space to work with, choosing a crane for lifting might not be your ideal choice. So, if you want to move heavy equipment in a small space which a crane can’t work in, then you can use a jack and slide system for the best results.

Jack And Slide Systems Explained

Jack can be used to move heavy loads vertically. On the other hand, a slide is used to help you in moving the heavy load horizontally. To lift up a heavy load, you’ll have to use multiple jacks, and then you’ll place the slide under the jack to move the load vertically. Once the slide is placed under the heavy load, it is moved horizontally till it reaches its target location. After this, you can simply pick up the load slightly with the help of jacks, and can remove the slide from beneath the load to place it in the right spot.

The benefit of this method is that you can use more than one jacks to lift heavy loads. Depending on the specs of the jacks you are using, this system can allow you to lift up to hundreds of tons of load. This system is used to move extremely heavy equipment, like ships from one place to the other.

The Right Time To Use Jack And Slide Systems

When you are operating a crane, you will need to have lots of empty space around you to make the crane work efficiently. So, this makes cranes impractical in situations in which there is less overhead space available. Cranes need a lot of overhead space and empty surrounding space in order to work at their peak efficiency.

Additionally, Cranes are difficult to move around, and thanks to their heavy weight and large size, they are more expensive to use as well. That’s why jack and slide systems are used wherever cranes cannot be used due to place and budget constraints.

Here are some of the ideal situations in which you can use jack and slide systems for load bearing and hauling.

  • Whenever you have a limited space available for the moving project, you should choose a jack and slide system. That is because these systems require a lot less space as compared to cranes. You can easily use this system inside buildings in which a crane would never fit. The best part is that this doesn’t need much area to operate effectively. This system keeps your heavy load close to the ground, and thus, eliminates the need for ensuring stability.
  • Another good thing about these systems is that they are economical. This way, they fit perfectly for projects in which budget is an issue.

Benefits Of Jack And Slide Systems

There are lots of different benefits you can get by using a jack and slide system. Here are some of them mentioned briefly.

  • Jack and slide systems are really compact. You can use this system to move heavy loads in small places in which a crane can’t be used.
  • These systems are also really affordable as compared to cranes. This allows the companies and individuals with a limited budget to get perfect hauling services without paying much money.
  • Since these systems are compact, they are easy to maintain as well. This is another good news for individuals and companies with a limited budget.
  • Despite their small size, jack and slide systems can be used to lift up to thousands of tons of loads without any complications. You can easily move around heavy loads in a small area by using these systems.
  • When you are using a crane for lifting, it will require the services of several workers to assemble and disassemble the crane. On the other hand, jack and slide systems don’t require lots of workers to set them up.

Final Word

This was some basic stuff about jack and slide systems. You can rent jack and slide systems from rigging companies MD.

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