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4 Common Tree Roots Problems

If you have some basic knowledge of trees, or if you love planting trees in your garden, you must have heard about the issues tree roots can cause. Tree roots might appear harmless and nature supportive, but their invasive growth can be irritating and expensive to remove as you may have to spend money on arborist services.

Tree roots can be problematic in many ways, such as:

  • Affecting the foundation of the building
  • Affecting sidewalks and driveways
  • Disturbing the sewer system
  • Getting in your way

You might be considering these issues for the first time, but being cautious is never harmful. So, here’s a piece of brief information about the common root issues and their root causes. Plus, this blog will let you know how you can get rid of these problems and to avoid them in future. So, read on to learn more.

Tree Roots Affecting Your Sewer System

Have you ever come across broken and cracked sewer pipes? Do you think that’s because of the invasive root growth? Well, that’s not true. Your sewer pipes are not broken by the roots. Roots only have a little resistance, and they grow wherever they find space. Sewer pipes usually break due to the shifting of soil, and that can be due to the invasive growth of roots in the soil.

The roots can even enter into the pipes through holes or cracks and can block your sewerage system. Removing roots from the pipes is a laborious task, and you have to get the roots physically removed from the pipes. Plus, it is expensive as well.

Another way to remove roots from pipes is by using foam-based chemicals. Therefore, it is better to plant trees away from the sewerage system. Plus, it is better to learn about the particular plant and its growth rate prior to planting.

Invasive Tree Roots And The Foundation Of Your Home

The largely growing tree roots can invade inside the cracks and can damage the foundation of your building. If you have an old built house or if your house’s foundation is weak, you must be very careful regarding your plant choices.

It is better to grow a tree not too close to the foundation of your house. And if you have small planting space, then only plant those trees with a slow growth rate. Well, that’s because a tree normally grows the same amount inside the soil as the outside. And the rapidly growing roots can shift the soil causing cracks in the foundation.

Furthermore, you’re supposed to water the plants regularly and properly. If roots do not find enough water for the tree, they will penetrate deeper and farther, causing damaging the foundation.

Tree Roots Affecting Sidewalks And Driveways

The proper planting of a tree plays a major role in its roots’ growth. For instance, if you plant an invasively growing tree too close to the surface, the roots can invade with the landscape elements, resulting in damage and cracking of sidewalks and driveways. This problem most commonly occurs in compact soil where the roots have to grow close to the surface.

The final solution to this issue is the removal of the tree to avoid your property damage. But, if you want to grow trees in that particular area, it is better to prune the roots on time with a professional arborist’s help.

Tree Roots Getting In Your Way

If the roots are getting in your way, causing you to trip and damaging your property, it is better to cut down the tree. There’s no other way. But, if you want to keep the tree instead of the fact that its roots are taking a part of your driveway, there’s only a single safe solution to do so. And that is by a mulch.

Never think of putting an extra layer of soil on the exposed roots, which will block the oxygen to the tree. Nor even cut that exposed part of the tree, because the root is the essential part of the tree, and cutting the root will damage the tree causing it to decline and fall out of its place soon. You can put some chips of wood mulch on the exposed part to protect it and get insulation or hire professionals from tree services Maryland to solve it.

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