5 Rare Allergies That Actually Exist

Allergies are of so many types and forms, but then there are some allergies which are extremely rare that at some point, you feel like they don’t even exist, but they actually do in real life and some allergy clinics do see patients with these allergies. Here is a list of such allergies and their causes.

Solar Urticaria

Solar urticaria is a rare allergic reaction which is caused by the exposure of sun. This is a very bizarre allergic reaction where some people can get hives and red patches formed on their skin because of solar exposure. This allergy is not very common but it is prevalent among people who have extremely light-colored skin. The amount of melanin in the skin gives the skin its characteristic hue. Melanin also helps to fight off harmful UV rays. Very low quantities of melanin in the skin can lead to solar urticaria, which can cause extreme redness and can form almost burn-like scars on the skin.


This rare skin allergy has no specific cause yet, but the effect of this allergy is extremely dry and cracked skin. The skin is so dry that you can scratch yourself easily and it will form pronounced white lines on the skin. The cause of this allergy is still unknown and it is presumed that it may be caused by genetics or severe dehydration in your body. Along with scratches, swelling of the skin may also be experienced. This can be temporarily treated with antihistamines.


Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction caused due to a lot of activity and blood flow to your body. This is induced by exercising and doing an abnormally long cardio. The result is extremely red skin, breakouts and formation of red patches on the skin, wherever the blood flow is extreme. This allergy is common in people who are anemic and don’t have a lot of blood in their bodies to pump through different active parts.

This is not a fatal allergy, but being anemic and overworking yourself can lead to a lot of complications like loss of breath, loss of consciousness, extreme hyperventilation and chest pains. The worst case may be a heart attack, since your heart is not getting enough blood to pump to different parts of the body, so it might become distressed.

This allergy can be treated in a number of ways. First is to get a blood transfusion done. Blood transfusions are a quick way to increase your blood in the body. The second and more slower paced way to increase blood in your body is by eating an iron rich diet and taking iron supplements. This will help you immensely to combat your anemia and ultimately prevent anaphylaxis.

Leather Allergy

Leather allergy is not very common, but it is found in most people. People who suffer from leather allergies cannot wear any article of clothing or shoes which is made out of leather. Their skin will react harshly to the leather and it will lead to formation of red and itchy bumps and hive-like patches on the body. You can also get a fever from the leather, if you wear it for too long. Leather shoes can also cause a lot of redness and itchiness on the feet, which is why a number of people don’t prefer leather shoes.

Cholinergic Urticaria

This allergy is caused by sweating profusely. Sweating is a natural body mechanism, but some people can react harshly to it. It can lead to bad rashes and itchy bumps on the skin, if the sweat is not removed from the skin immediately. This is why people who suffer from cholinergic urticaria use antiperspirant sprays on their bodies to prevent them from sweating too much. These people are also advised to limit their physical activity because less mobility will lead to less sweat production. If swelling occurs due to sweating, then it is advised to take antihistamines immediately.

See? Who would’ve known that such types of allergies existed? These allergies are extremely rare and only occur in a fraction of people all over the world. But just because these allergies are rare, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. If you think you have an allergy, go to an allergy doctor Manassas to early diagnosis.

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