Why To Color Hair Before Keratin Treatment And Not After?

Many people are already aware that there’s no point in coloring your hair after Keratin treatment. Brazilian keratin salons often suggest their potential customers to get their hair dyed before going for a hair smoothing treatment, and there’s a good range of reasons behind it.

Read out to shed all your confusions!

Keratin Stops Color From Penetrating Into Your Hair

If you try and color your hair after a keratin treatment, your hair is most likely to turn into a wreck — neither keratin nor dye will pan out perfectly. Keratin does not leave any route for the dye to penetrate into hair, therefore, trying to get your keratin-treated hair colored will be a total waste of effort. There is no doubt about hair not catching dye in the first place albeit it might ruin the straight hair you’ve recently gotten.

Dye Is Most Likely To Slip Off Within Very Less Time

In case your hair somehow catches dye, it might not be able to linger on with it. Your dye might leave your hair within 1-2 weeks which is way too earlier than the usual time. In some odd cases, it could be seen leaving the keratin-treated hair in a couple of washes. Keratin makes it impossible for the dye to take root in hair, therefore, you immediately lose it in a few rounds of shampoo.

Color After Keratin Can Make Your Hair Look Patchy

As it has been told before, color after keratin might as well damage the overall health of your hair. Your hair is at the verge of looking patchy and rough. You could find your hair abounding in patches if you try to wear dye on your keratin-treated hair. Hence, it’s not a good idea – don’t even consider it in the first place.

Keratin Before Dye Is Most Likely To Leave Your Hair In Residue

Color after Keratin is a horrible idea for a number of reasons. Your hair is most probable to be left with a severe damage you gotta be dealing with for the rest of your life. If you try to venture upon your hair like this, it might lose its natural proteins and natural oils forever which will turn your hair into a disaster. Therefore, steer clear of this pattern and prefer to color your hair before Keratin.

Keratin Repairs Damage Done By The Coloring Thing

When you dye your hair, there’s a chance of your damaged hair amid the chemicals inculcated in your hair through the process. Good news for you, Keratin rolls out all such apprehensions. It takes care of your keratin-carrying hair and showers it with all the love it needs. Slowly and gradually, Keratin repairs the damage done by chemicals involved in hair coloring treatment.

Keratin Hydrates Your Colored/Dyed Hair To A Great Extent

Just like the rest of your body, your hair also requires to be hydrated every now and then for the sake of their health and growth. No doubt, there’s a great deal of dyes nowadays in the market that pose least threat to your hair. Still and all, your hair does not get damage-proof no matter what quality of dye you use.

If you choose to have Keratin after color, you are bestowing your hair with all the hydration the former process has sucked. Kudos to you — for choosing the right thing for your hair, and for not depriving your hair of something so important.

Keratin After Coloring Evens Your Hair’s pH

Keratin has the potential to rescue your hair when it is suffering bad pH. Keratin treatment can totally even it out without posing any risk to your color-treated hair. It is among those advantages that color-after-keratin pattern bestows upon you. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t make the most of it.

Although Not Great – It Is Still Safe To Color Your Keratin-Treated Hair After 2-3 Weeks

It is partially safe to get your keratin-treated hair colored after a couple of weeks. It is possible but nobody’s saying it is highly recommended. Of course, it should be the last thing on your list of priorities in any case. If you want to color your hair and also want to do keratin treatment by hairstylist Rockville, get them colored first.

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