10 Street Magic Tips You Should Know

You’ve seen many shows where magicians work their magic on the streets. It’s casual and very entertaining. You need some magic supplies and a lot of practice to perform street magic. If you want to know how to become an expert street magician, then these are the tricks you need to know.

Learn Magic Tricks

First things first, you can’t become a magician of any type until or unless you learn how to do it. Learning magic takes a bit of time and for street magic, specifically, you need to choose tricks that are easy and can be done with your hands alone.

You can start with a couple of card and rubber band tricks and then you can gradually include props like spoons, pens, and even hats. This is going to give you a good head start and you will have a nice handful of tricks to work with.

Study The Idols

The best thing you can do in order to master the style of street magic is to study known magicians. What you want to carefully look at is how they carry themselves, how they lure people, and how they perform tricks with confidence.

There are a lot of well-known street magicians who are widely popular and respected in the field and you can get a lot of inspiration from them. So, allocate some time to research and re-watch the magicians you’re so fond of. You can even learn a couple of tricks along the way.

Dress The Part

A street magician needs to dress the part. It doesn’t mean that you need to dress in order to stand out, but you certainly want to give off a vibe that you’re someone mysterious but common. Most street magicians will keep their attire simple, with a comfortable shirt and jeans with appropriate shoes. You can also change your attire for special parties and events.

You can add some pizzazz with certain accessories like a casual hat or with some jewelry. To add some mystery to your look, you can throw over a large trench coat and that’s really going to elevate the look, without looking too obvious. This is going to make you look like a part of the crowd, until you pull out the tricks you’ve got up your sleeve, literally.

Things Do You Need As A Street Magician

There’s not a lot you need as a street magician, because it’s hard to carry around a rucksack filled with your props. Your props and things to use in tricks should be just as easy to carry around as everything else. All you need is a deck of cards, some rubber bands, a couple of pens, maybe a small handkerchief, some balls, and marbles and that’s about it.

These things are small and can be stored in your pocket, so you can pull any prop out and start a trick, without having to prepare for anything. Being a street magician is quite chill and easy, as long as you don’t make it complicated.

Practice, Practice, And Practice

This is a very important tip to remember and this applies to any kind of magician. When you learn magic tricks, it’s not going to be enough to just know what the trick is. You constantly need to practice tricks in order to make your performance fluid and effortless. This means that you need to practice a lot.

Being a magician is about the tricks and how you perform them in front of people. So, practice in front of a mirror and then try it out in front of your friends and family. That way, you can build confidence and you will get better at performing in front of crowds too.

Master The Skill Of Hand

Being a good magician is all about hand movements and how you can master the sleight of your hand. This can take some time and you really want to perfect this trick otherwise you won’t get better at tricks. The best way to do this is to start with easy tricks and practice them until you can perform the same trick in the least possible amount of time. This shows your stealth and how you’re using your hand to defy the people around you.

Once you get better at this, you can lead to harder tricks and apply the same practicing technique on them, until you’ve mastered the hand gestures. You can also use costumes from a Halloween costume shop Port Jefferson to distract audiences.

Know How To Gather A Crowd

This is a very hard thing to do for most people. You can be great at tricks and your hand movements might be out of this world, but you can’t impress anyone if there are no people to witness your tricks. This is why you need to have a show-stopping trick, which will grab the attention of the people around you.

For starters, you can approach a person or two and start performing in front of them. Upon seeing the trick, more people will gather and you can put on a show.

Be Confident

Half of the battle of becoming a good street magician is knowing how to smooth-talk people. You want to appear confident in front of the crowd, even if you aren’t in real life. Working on your confidence and the way you communicate with your audience is super important. You want to work on your introduction speech which will grab the attention of people around you.

You also want to keep the audience distracted with your talking during your magic tricks. This is going to give you enough time to change up the trick and keep the crowd’s attention on you. It’s going to give you an extra boost of confidence when you leave the audience awestruck with your tricks.

It’s A Continuous Process

Being a magician, in general, is a continuous process of learning. You can’t just have a couple of tricks to work with, otherwise, your show will get boring and people will already know what your next move will be. It’s better to always add new tricks to your routine so that people will stay on their toes and they won’t know what’s next.

It’s pretty much a cycle of learning a trick, practicing it, performing it in front of a crowd, and repeating it. There’s always room for learning and growing and you can get better each time you learn a new trick.

Have A Routine

Last but not least, you want to have a routine for when you are performing in front of a crowd. This is different from normal magicians because they have a lot of room and props to work with, but since street magic is very much on-the-spot, you need to keep the performance as smooth as possible without having too many breaks in between.

Having a total of 5 to 20 tricks in one performance will be great for a small show and you can arrange the tricks in a fluid and effortless way.


If you have a knack for entertaining and drama, then a street magician is the perfect way to show your creativity to people and wow them. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your magic hat because it’s time to put on a great show. Make sure to get some interesting magic tricks from a magic shop online.

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