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Your Guide To Choosing Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops

Kitchen in luxury home with cherry wood cabinetry

We are two decades into 21st century and with so many options at hand, it seems to be becoming increasingly difficult to pinpoint one particular idea that will peak everyone’s interest who will lay their eyes on your selection. Why must cabinets and countertops be an exception? They come in a variety of options to choose from which will in fact become very frustration. Be it choosing between quartz and granite countertops or their design, you will find the help you need here on how to choose your kitchen cabinets and countertops.

How To Choose Kitchen Countertops?

Let us start with countertops first. Choosing a countertop before cabinets will benefit you more. With the help of your imagination, countertops will serve as a foundation as to how it will give off a certain vibe and it will be much easier for you to choose cabinets considering how the countertop is rather than the other way around.

Material for the Kitchen Countertop

Granite countertops are quite a hype when it comes to choosing the material for countertops. The prime reason for that is it ranks number one when it comes to appearance. Granite countertops look elegant and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance either, unlike quartz, soapstone and slate. They come in reasonable prices and granite installers would always recommend using granite countertops, for its durability and a better quality overall.

Apart from granite there are numerous other options to choose the option for the material for your countertop:

  1. Laminate Countertop: Bubbled Formica laminate are in fact fairly outdated but they don’t come in that form anymore, so you don’t have to worry about them being out of date when you buy them. Laminate countertops are one of the most popular when it comes to budget friendly countertops.
  2. Marble Countertop: Marble is just as much of a popular option like granite, but there are certain drawbacks to the classic old marble too. The prime one being that it is highly sustainable to stains and etching and don’t come easily.
  3. Quartz Countertop: Quartz is an alternative for granite, when you have a little more extra cash in your pockets and are looking for a long lasting countertop.


Pick a color theme and keep that in mind when choosing your countertops and cabinets alike. Since you will be going on a hunt for countertops first, pick two prominent colors that will define the entire scheme and a third color, only if you must that will act as an accent color.

How To Choose Cabinets?

The Frame

First of all decide upon if you want a framed cabinet or a frameless one. Framed cabinets are considered to be leaning more towards the outdated designs, with prominent hinges. While frameless hinges are considered contemporary and are more recommended. They give off a chic vibe with hinges that are not prominent. Both versions of cabinets are classy in their own special way, but you have to decide between one that will resonate with your style and taste.


Next, decide upon the type of construction that will meet your needs.

Select between stock cabinets, semi-custom, and customized cabinets. Stock cabinets are often best to store huge items. They are generally found in box stores and are the cheapest of the rest of the options. However, the quality of stock cabinets cannot be assumed among the rest, they come in different qualities and well as sizes. Semi-custom cabinets are great for when it comes to price and flexibility. They are one of the most basic options to opt for. Lastly, the customized cabinets being the most expensive as their size is determined by what is your requirement. They will look the best as these cabinets will meet the standards of you kitchen size providing that it they are the most suitable size.


The wood that is to be selected for your cabinets must match with the color scheme that you have decided. But keep in mind to not overdo it considering the design and the color. If you can’t find the matching color for the cabinet that you had in mind, don’t just go for the only option available for you might regret later. Start considering all the other options as to what suits the color contrast.

So, find some good cabinet and granite installers Rockville  to get started with kitchen remodel. Good luck!

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