What To Know About Hair Systems?

Baldness can push your confidence and self-esteem down in the ditches. No one should be scared of social interactions because of baldness. This is why non-surgical hair replacement for men is here to the rescue. A common method for this is using hair systems. Here’s a guide to hair systems.

What Are Hair Systems?

Hair transplantation sounds like the only way to restore the thickness of your hair and overall baldness, right? Well, not exactly. Hair restoration techniques have certainly come a long way and there are non-invasive, non-surgical ways by which you can achieve a full head of hair in no time. How is that possible, you ask?

Hair systems, also known as toupees, are here to save the day. Hair systems work by covering the bald part of your head, partially or completely, with a wig-like hair contraption and that’s pretty much it. The result is natural and full-looking hair without a surgery. Hair systems are a great way to restore your hair because they’re quick and don’t hurt at all.

The best part is that the hair systems or toupees are completely removable and temporary, unlike hair transplantation, which is a one-way road to hair restoration. Usually, the rift people have with hair transplantation is that it’s not suitable for everyone and there is only a specific group of people that can get their hair restored surgically. Well, with hair systems, that problem can be thrown out the window.

Things To Know About Hair Systems

Here are some things that you need to know about hair systems:

No Surgery Required

This fact is probably the reason why hair systems are preferred over traditional hair restoration methods. Applying a toupee requires no anesthesia or needles. It’s literally like setting a cap of hair on the head for hiding the baldness and calling it a day.

It’s safe for people who are generally afraid of anything that has to do with surgery and to be honest, hair transplantation doesn’t make much of a difference either, so it’s better to go down this route where the results will at least be visible.


Hair systems are available in a huge array of styles. You can also get pre-styled toupees and those are perfect if you want to wear your hair in a certain style.

Hair systems can be tweaked very easily and there’s a lot of room for customization, which makes this method perfect for people who want to try out something different and are always looking for change. Hair systems are not boring at all and any manipulation will be done to the toupee and your natural hair will be safe.

Very Easy To Use

Hair systems take almost a fraction of the time if not less, to be applied on the head. There’s a sticky base on the bottom of the hair system or toupee that adheres to the skin. This glue also helps to keep the hair system in place and there will be no budging as long as the toupee is on your head.

All you need to do is sling the hair system on your head, as you would a cap, and stick the ends in place. It takes 5 minutes or less. It’s way faster than a hair transplantation procedure, right? Think of them as hair extensions. You can even get them from salons that do hair extensions Potomac.

Not Very Expensive

As compared to hair transplantation procedures, hair systems are a lot cheaper, if you think about the singular cost of each. They can range anywhere from $100 to $300, maximum if you’re going for a hair system that’s made out of human hair. However, hair systems aren’t a one-time thing.

You will have to replace them every so often and if you’re using a toupee regularly, then it might add up over time. A lot of the time, a hair system can exceed the price of a hair transplantation procedure, however, people still think that it’s a better option than a full-blown surgical procedure.

They’re Not Permanent

This can or cannot be a great thing, for a lot of people. It is great because there’s no commitment. You can take the hair system off at night and wear it during the day or on any special occasion that calls for perfect hair.

On the contrary, a lot of people want this method to be permanent so that they don’t have to deal with the fuss of removing the toupee and putting it back on. It’s a matter of preference for people, but it’s safe to say that hair systems are still more popular than hair transplantation, because there is no invasion involved.

Different Variety Is Available

As far as variety is concerned, hair systems are available in almost all types known to human beings. They can be made out of synthetic hair that looks like the real deal and those are inexpensive.

The other, more expensive variety involves real human hair in the making of the hair systems and those have the most natural look. As for colors, there are plenty of colors for almost everyone out there; from blacks to light and dark browns, blondes, and even gray or white.

Allergy Is A Possibility

One thing that can cause people to be wary of hair systems is the adhesive that’s used to fuse the toupee on the head. The glue can irritate sensitive scalps, which is why it’s recommended that you do a patch test first, before applying the toupee on the head. Irritation on the scalp can include a burning sensation, itching, or redness on the skin where the glue is applied.

This can also lead to allergies and reactions that can be aggravated by certain ingredients in the glue, so it’s advised that you take proper precautions at all costs.

How Long Do They Last?

Usually, hair systems are pretty long-lasting. They don’t need to be touched up as often and you can get away with using one toupee for a good 6-to-8-month period, given that you take care of it properly and not lose it.

It’s generally not a good idea to wear a toupee in the rain, because the glue can get loose if water comes in contact with the bonded cap. Also, you don’t need to wash the hair system either. You can simply take it off, shower like normal, and put it back on. It’s as simple as that.

How To Take Care Of Hair Systems

A lot of people are concerned as to how they should take care of hair systems, aka toupees, and the best way to do so is to ensure that the toupee doesn’t get deformed, wet, or torn. Try to avoid wearing it every single day, especially if the baldness on your head isn’t too noticeable.

Wearing a toupee on special occasions and gatherings is best because it camouflages perfectly and you won’t feel insecure either. Also, be careful when removing the hair system from your head, because you don’t want it to rip.


Hair systems are truly lifesavers for people who are missing strands on their heads but don’t want to go through the traditional hair transplantation procedure. Head to a salon because there are hairpieces for men Potomac that will fit your head and match your hair texture and preference.

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