Is It Better To Get Partial Highlights Or Full Highlights

The first question you get when you go to a hair highlights salon is whether you want partial highlights or full highlights. Rather than being confused and deciding in haste, read below to find out which will be better for you.

What Are Partial Hair Highlights?

Highlights are the lightening of your hair in a different color by the use of bleach mixed with hair color. Highlights can be done through the application of foils on different strands of your hair or by the application of free-hand painting on your hair; which is known as balayage. Highlights add dedication, depth, body, and style to your hair. If the right color is applied highlights can enhance your facial features and complexion. There are many types of highlights; streaks, babylights, balayage, ombre, full highlights, and partial highlights.

You may be wondering what is the actual difference between full highlights and partial highlights. The major and most obvious difference is that full highlights cover most of your hair, on top and underneath, while partial highlights are only on a few strands on the crown area or to frame your face. This means that in partial highlights only a certain area of your hair is colored and not all your hair.

Pros Of Partial Highlights

Partial highlights are dyeing certain sections of your hair while the rest remains undyed. There are many advantages to getting partial highlights.

Partial highlights are cheaper as compared to full highlights because of course less color and bleach are used, less time is consumed in the application of dye and there is less hassle on the part of the hairdresser, so it costs less.

It is low maintenance as new hair growth is not very obvious because only certain sections of the hair are dyed. It is also less damaging for your hair as only some places of your hair are colored and bleached, so the intensity of damage is lessened.

Partial highlights also tend to add texture and dimension to your hair which is enhanced when you make creative hairstyles and look good on your face.

Cons Of Partial Highlights

Apart from the pros, there are certain cons of getting partial highlights as well. Your highlights get hidden when you make high ponytails or buns.

Also, you cannot go for a full-color change in partial highlights. People usually go for partial highlights because they like their natural hair color seeping through the highlights.

Full Hair Highlights

As the name says, full head highlights are highlights on all the hair, not all but it looks as if most of the hair is dyed and highlighted. The color looks consistent and very small strands very nearby are picked alternatively and then dyed and then foiled.

Pros Of Full Hair Highlights

The major advantage is that your whole head color looks changed and renewed, nevertheless, the whole head is not bleached but only the highlighted parts.

There is a wide variety of colors to choose from in full highlights, of course, the ones that suit your face. Also, there is an option of going for two contrasting shades of highlights which look stylish and give a celebrity feel.

Cons Of Full Hair Highlights

Other than the pros, full hair highlights also offer certain disadvantages. The cost of full hair highlights can get very expensive because there are approximately 100 to 125 foils in your hair which takes around 4 to 5 hours for the whole process. These highlights damage your hair to a greater extent than partial highlights due to the quantity of bleach and chemicals to lighten and color the hair. Bleaching makes your hair dry and dull and also leads to split ends.

The other drawback of full hair highlights is that you will need to consistently get your hair highlighted again and again after every few months or when new hair starts to grow and show. Full hair highlights are high maintenance due to the need of getting your hair colored again and again.

Which Should You Go For?

As the pros and cons suggest, you should get partial highlights done. But it all depends on your preferences, whether you can afford an expensive one or you want a complete change of hair color or just experiment with your looks. Visit a hair highlights or balayage salon and discuss your preferences with the hairstylist. hypno

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