A wedding party during COVID – What to expect?

Planning a wedding may be stressful in and of itself, but planning one in the midst of a pandemic is considerably more so. It might be difficult to find suitable wedding party rentals, especially given the present state of affairs.

That is why, to assist you with your event in 2021, we have compiled a few ideas for you so that you may correctly organize your wedding. With such an unexpected scenario, it might be difficult to know where to begin your wedding preparations.

How to Plan a Wedding During the Pandemic of COVID-19

However, with the excitement of your wedding, you should be able to forget about COVID for a bit and concentrate on making your beautiful day even more spectacular.

Keep up with social media profiles and the newest trends

You may not have many individuals around you who are planning weddings in the midst of a pandemic, but that does not imply you are the only one in the entire globe. Follow relevant social media profiles to see how various wedding planners, bloggers, and companies are dealing with the scenario changing. Not only will their ideas and plans inspire you, but they will also assist you in determining what you want your wedding to be like.

Such accounts will also provide you with useful recommendations that you may utilize in your preparation. Furthermore, you may utilize these accounts in conjunction with Pinterest to construct your own vision boards. Vision boards assist you in visualizing how things will appear during your wedding. You can look at different wedding outfits, flowers and décor, cake ideas, and anything else that comes to mind. Print out several photos, cut them out, and paste them together to make a collage.

Divide your vision board into categories to make it easier to access. Keep up with the newest trends while still keeping an eye out for what you desire. You may make your dream wedding a reality by considering your goals and requirements as well as the ever-changing trends.

Organize Zoom meetings and virtual wedding gown try-ons

With everything moving online as a result of covid, why not move your bridal consultations and wedding gown try-ons online as well? As a result of social distance, several companies have begun to provide virtual try-on sessions. This way, you can preview how your dress will look and quickly select your favourite dress. If you wish to test the material, several brands will send you samples.

Similarly, connections with the bridal party are critical for meetings and updates on wedding plans. Organize online zoom meetings to catch up with the bridal party and discuss ideas. This is not only a fantastic method to keep current and in contact with everyone, but it is also a great way to relieve tension.

Locations and guest lists

Many individuals have postponed their weddings due to COVID-19 This indicates that there will be more weddings in 2021, which means that venues, photographers, caterers, and other vendors will be in high demand. As a result, book vendors early to ensure you have everything ready for your big day.

Similarly, create your guest lists ahead of time so you know which location would be most suited to the quantity of visitors. This guest list is only an estimate, and you may easily add to it later. It will, however, give you a broad notion of which location to book.


These pointers should help you get through your wedding preparation during covid-19. Continue to look forward to the pleasure that your wedding day will bring after a long time of isolation and social isolation. The trick is to stay make the best of your circumstances. Also, don’t forget to plan wedding tent rental packages Northern VA ahead of time!

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