How To Entertain Your Guests At Your Event Or Party

Every month or so, we get invitations from our friends and family members to join certain events. They look like fun, at least from the outside. But without proper means of entertainment, any event can become boring and drag. You may need canopies rentals with tables and chairs, but there is more you have to do for entertainment.

So, here are some of the best tips to help you entertain your guests at any event.

An Event Wall Would Work Wonders

Event wall is an amazing idea that you can never go wrong with. You can add an event wall in your event to up your game and to make the event look like a Hollywood stars’ gathering.

An event wall can be used as a template to advertise your sponsors, or just promote your brand in the case of a professional event. This simple idea can really help add character to your event and make it stand out from the rest.

Mist Orbs

Okay, this might look like too bold of an idea. But believe us, the guests would love to eat some fresh flavored air. This fun in this act is that the guests get something new to try other than the regular dishes they all get served at every event. Edible mist orbs are a great way to surprise your guests with new and unknown flavors of air. Flavors can also be made exclusively on your request. The guests would be talking for this unexpected treat for a long time to come.

Glow Show

Glow show can also make your event colorful and add style to it, which would be worth remembering for all the attending guests. The athletes show their amazing hula hoop and other juggling skills in front of the artists. Also, this colorful art can give the guests some perfect opportunities to take great selfies and photographs for their social media. If you’re into this type of things, you should definitely include this amazing work of choreography and athleticism.


iCube is just like the glow show, but with a burning object in the juggler or performer’s hands. The performer sets the cube on fire just before starting the feat. Although the guests would be warned to not try this at their homes, they’ll surely appreciate the skills of the performer who’s putting his life in danger just to amuse them. But with this feat, try to hire only the best trained and professional jugglers and performers to ensure the safety of your guests.

Fire With Music

We’ve talked enough about fire and music as separate things, but with things like Fire Tuba, you can actually get a combination of both these things used at your event. In this trick, the fire is amplified according to the beats played by the tube player. The fire increases and decreases depending on the intensity of the music.

This isn’t that dangerous of an act, but still shouldn’t try this at home. The amazing combo of fire and music would definitely leave your guests stunned.

Lights With Drums

Not sure about hiring a band that plays with fire? Well, what do you think about shiny LEDs and some drumming magic? The band would surely put up a visually and audibly amazing performance.

The thing we’re talking about is spark, and it gives a good opportunity to your guests to take out their phones and make some videos and pictures for their social media. This is a perfectly safe performance.

Silhouette Artist

The acts in which the artists walks in between the guests are usually most enjoyed by the guests. You can select one of the many different types of strolling acts available in the market these days, but hiring a silhouette artist can be the thing for you. This is usually a first time experience for most of the guests, and resultantly, the artist gets a great response from the guests.

In this act, the artist uses his great paper cutting skills to cut the portraits of different guests and give them a personalized greeting card. That card surely would be a great thing for the guest to collect. Whenever that card would come in front of their eyes, they’ll remember your event in good words. So, a silhouette artist might do the trick for you.

So, follow these tips for entertainment of your guests coupled with waterproof tents from event tent rentals Rockland NY, and you will ensure your guests an awesome time.

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