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Dos And Don’ts Of Tree Removal

Tree removal may seem like an easy job on internet tutorials but you should never, I Repeat: Never attempt it if you do not have prior experience or know-how and hire tree removal services for the job.

Tree Removal Is Not Easy

A tree is huge, even small trees have a lot of weight. It is not as simple as shown in videos that you just take a saw and cut it and it will simply fall wherever you desire. NO. It can get dangerous if you have no experience in tree removal and people and property can get hurt and damaged. Plus, it requires the use and handling of certain tools and machinery which requires practice to use.

Listed below are major Dos and Don’ts of tree removal:

Dos Of Tree Removal

  • Do get your tree inspected by a professional arborist whether it needs instant removal or not. Trees also go through a lifespan, seed, growth, maturity, illness, diseases, old age, and eventually death. If the tree is diseased or very sick that there is the danger of spreading to other trees or is in the dying stage then it should be removed. Other than that, natural disasters such as storms, severe rainfall, or earthquakes can also shake the foundation of a tree and can cause its tilting towards one side with the danger that it could fall anytime.
  • Do wear protective gear, rubber gloves, heavy boots, and other protective clothing before attempting tree removal.
  • Do clear the nearby land area before tree removal so that the tree does not damage any property, things, or person when it falls on the ground.
  • Do make sure you have enough space in the yard or land to compensate for the fall of the tree area.
  • Do make sure the tree falls in the side where it has a natural lean as this will be easier to remove.
  • Do prune and cut the extra branches of the tree before cutting it. Some trees have heavy branches and stems and leaves which may increase the weight of the tree when it falls to the ground. When you remove excess branches and prune it then it will be easier for you to remove the tree.
  • Do learn how to use heavy machinery and tools. You will need to practice using the machinery and also keep a stronghold and grip.
  • Do wear protective goggles because the tree chips and scraps may enter your eye and cause infections or irritation.
  • Do take assistance and help from an expert arborist so that your tree removal job becomes easy.

Don’ts Of Tree Removal

  • Don’t attempt to remove a tree if you are doing it for the first time. It can be extremely dangerous and you can get severely hurt. Only attempt if you have past experience. Or take assistance and help from a professional arborist.
  • Do not attempt to cut down a tree even if you know how to, if the tree is near power lines. You may get electrocuted and even die due to a short circuit.
  • Do not attempt to cut a tree on your own if the tree is near houses or other commercial areas when there is the danger of people and property getting damaged.
  • Do not attempt to cut a tree the same way as you would other trees. Every tree is different in shape, size, and species. The same method of tree removal does not apply to all the trees. All the trees grow and breed differently and hence different removal methods are used. Take help from an arborist in this case to guide you the correct way.
  • Do not attempt to remove a healthy tree yourself. Healthy trees are more difficult to remove than dead, diseased, or decaying trees. The time for removal is also more in healthy trees. Similarly, old trees are easier to remove than young trees.


Trees are an asset to the environment but sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree. When such a case arrives follow the dos and don’ts listed above and also take help from arborist services MD instead of attempting it yourself. Tree removal is a dangerous process and should be carried out by experienced people.

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