Start Cooking Like A Pro

You’ve been a food lover and a great cook at the same time. Your passion for food is the reason why you have a newly installed quartz kitchen countertops. But you feel like you are not that good enough to be hailed pro in the kitchen. But do you know what really separates you from professional chefs like the Gordon Ramsey? CONFIDENCE.

So, what else do you need to have to be able to cook like a pro? Check out some of the tips from cooking experts who dared to be the best in their craft.

Take It From The Cooking Experts

  • Prepare everything before heating up the pan.

Do you know why most French people are great cooks? It’s because of this rule: getting all the ingredients prepared in one are next to the stove before heating up the pan. Because if you started cooking with all your ingredients scattered somewhere, the food will end up like a disaster. It’s better to be overly prepared than not being prepared at all.

  • Master the flip.

If you think that doing a pan-flip while cooking is not necessary, expert says you should master the art of doing it. It’s not for a show, but because of the logic that your food will be evenly cooked and mixed well.

  • Ditch the cooking school and try the Open Kitchen

Yes, you can learn a lot from cooking school, but the experience of watching the food being cooked is what you will get from an open kitchen. Sometimes you have to take your eyes off your plate to find out how to cook really well.   

  • Use the right scissors.

Yes, you can use scissors as a cooking tool, but there is an appropriate scissor – the snips. The knives may the number one cutting tool for cooking, but it slices so hard that it actually damages soft herbs – which you are not aware of. Using these snips makes a gentler cut on vegetables, herbs and any ingredient that needs cutting. It is also a powerful tool in slicing fish, cleaning lobsters, and preparing shrimp. It can also be used on meat, by the way.

  • A cheap aluminum platter can make a difference.

Not all chefs and cooks doesn’t use a clean pan all the time every time they make their signature dish. Which you should adopt too. This cheap piece of Aluminum  can change the way you do your cooking. Perfect for broiling steak, toasting anything edible and vegetables. Nail it and no one will notice the difference.

  • A Great Chef never wastes anything.

When your vegetables are partially or nearly wilting, what do you do? Remember that a good cook does not waste any part of an ingredient, they always have ways in making it look edible and delectable. You can turn it into a soup or a dish garnish.

  •  Any fireplace can be your oven.

Where there is a fire that is where the magic happens and that is what Chefs all over town believe. Ancient people just use a couple of rocks, woods, and fire to cook anything they have caught from hunting and turn into a dish they have survived from for many years. Practical chefs know that a stove is not the only tool you can use for cooking because that fireplace in your living room or your outdoor fire pit can help you create an enticing meal.

How Cooking Pros Do It?

Being someone who’s expert in the kitchen is not all about cooking different dishes or being someone good at creating their own meals. Basically, Chefs are also someone who knows how to deal with the “before and after” the cooking sessions.

  • Take extra care of your cooking tools, they too have their own appropriate hygiene.
  • Following a recipe is good, but you also have the freedom to be extra creative with the ingredients and spices.
  • Always use a meat thermometer to make sure that the inner areas of that steak are evenly cooked. You definitely do not want to eat something raw.
  • Cooking pans are good, but skewers are better.
  • Pour the oil on the sides of the pan and not at the bottom to heat up the oil easily.
  • Let your guests do the dressing when serving salad.
  • Avoid throwing  meat leftovers. Instead, cut them, and keep them in the freezer.
  • Do not overcook the vegetables if you wanted to serve them with their nutrients in them.
  • Always keep your kitchen clean, sanitized and organized.

If your passion is cooking, you do not need to enroll in a cooking school just to become a certified Chef. You can always contact any quartz countertop installer Potomac to help you build your dream kitchen. The tips mentioned above and doing your own discovery, research, and study is what will make you cook like a Pro.

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