How Do You Set Up A Backyard Engagement Party

An engagement party is a small and intimate gathering, so you can most certainly arrange and organize it in your backyard with some help from party and tent rentals. There is no need to spend tons of money on venues and other things when you have a good backyard. Here’s how you can do it.

The Lighting And Décor

Since you are not spending a ton of money on a venue, which technically is money wasted over nothing, you can go all out with the décor and lighting. The right décor and lighting can make all of the difference in making your backyard engagement party look whimsical and magical. You want to select delicate fairy lights and the décor must be minimal yet beautiful.

You want the engagement party to look like it came out of a storybook. These small twinkling lights and beautiful décor will make all of the difference.

You Can Rent Tents

If you want to make this event even more intimate and protect the guests from the weather, whether it’s too hot or too windy, then you can look into getting a tent for the party. It is not nearly as expensive as a whole venue but it makes the party look more intimate and put together.

You can also get creative with the tent orientation and have different drapes and lights decorate it throughout. This will transform a simple and boring tent into something which looks like more thought was put into it. You will love the results.

The Food

No gathering or party is complete without good food. Again, since you have a good budget and a free hand, you can expand the enaggement party food menu a little bit and make it interesting and fun. Try to incorporate things that are everyone’s favorite and generalized. You don’t want to experiment with too much complicated foods otherwise it will be hard to pinpoint whether you like them or not.

Simple foods and drinks are the way to go and people will remember them over the other things. You can go for a buffet-style or a restaurant-style menu, it solely depends on your preference.


Photography is a must, especially in something as important as an engagement party. It’s important to capture these moments and look back at them and remember the good times. You can either hire a professional photographer or if you have someone talented with the camera in the family, do them a huge favor and have them cover your event. Photos are very hard to mess up and as long as the perfect moments are frozen on film, that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

If you have the budget, you can go for a photographer and have them make an album for you, otherwise, pictures in the digital form are completely okay too.


The seating arrangement is also a very important thing to consider. After deciding whether you want a tent or not, it’s time to get to the seating arrangement. You want all of the party guests to have their own designated seats so that everyone knows where to sit. You can also have small greeting cards on the table to make sure that people know where they’re supposed to sit. This will make the whole thing a lot more organized and less haphazard.

All The Fun Activities

An engagement party is all about small activities and fun entertainment. Have a small inventory of what you want to do at your engagement party. You can do the traditional dining and talking with other people or you can make it fun by engaging with the people in different ways.

Have a dance floor set up and dance the night away, you can also do a fun photo booth where people can take pictures with their loved ones. It’s all about the small things which make memories.


There you have it! These ideas and tips will lead to a perfect engagement party and it will cost you less than a fraction of the price of what you could have done in a big venue. Talk with party rentals Rockland NY about how you can efficiently use your backyard space for the engagement party.

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