Divorce Lawyers: 6 Divorce Myths You Should Be Aware Of

Since people have been divorcing since time in memorial, the topic is surrounded by plenty of myths. Are you undergoing a divorce? Here are some of the myths you should be aware of:

You need a divorce lawyer

While divorce lawyers are important in a divorce case, you don’t have to hire them. If you are still in good talking terms with your ex you can agree on most of the issues such as distribution of property, child support, and others. After putting everything in writing, visit a government and you will get directions on how you will get a divorce.

If on the other hand the issue is complicated and you are not in good terms with your spouse, you should consider hiring an attorney. You also should consider hiring a lawyer if your ex has already hired one.

In addition to the lawyer representing you in court, he/she will also help you in gathering information that will be relevant in the case.

When hiring, go for an experienced professional who will be of value to your case. While the lawyer will be expensive, the cost will be totally worth it.

You have to go to court

When many people think about divorce, they see a dirty court battle. Did you know that you don’t have to drag each other to court? If you are still in good terms with your ex, you should hire a mediator who will listen to your case and help in officiating the process.

You can hire almost anyone, but for ideal results, hire a lawyer who will not only listen to your case, but also help you in compiling information that will make the process easy.

Divorce has to be expensive

When you drag each other to court, hire a lawyer, and take years to complete the process, the divorce process is going to be expensive. You should note that it doesn’t have to be expensive.

For you to cut on the costs, you should avoid going to court. The best way out is to hire a mediator who will help you reach an agreement and finalize your process at the least cost.

Divorce can be denied

There is a belief that when you file for divorce, your case can be denied. This is completely untrue. The courts agree that once all the financial, visitation, and custody issues have been resolved, there is no reason why divorce can’t be granted.

If you feel that your marriage has broken down and you have the money to do it, you should go to court and you will be granted the divorce.

The kids can choose who they live with

While the children can say the parent that they want to live with, it doesn’t mean that the judge will make it at the final ruling. The court wants the best from the children, and to make it possible, it considers plenty of factors such as prior participation of the parent, ability of the parent, among many other things.

Some parents try to influence the children by telling them to choose them as their preferred parents, but this doesn’t always influence the judge’s decision.

For you to increase the chances of winning the custody of the children, you should collect enough evidence to show that you are thoroughly involved in their lives and you are ready to take care of them.

When you take them out, you should take photos and keep them as proof. When you pay school fees or buy them presents, keep the receipts so that you can produce them in court when they are needed.

Women always win child custody

This was true decades ago, but it’s no longer the case. Nowadays, anyone can win the custody as long as they show that they are the better parent. As mentioned above, you should collect enough evidence to support this.

This means that even if you are a male parent and you feel you can be a better parent, you should work with your child support lawyers Fairfax VA and work at getting the custody of your children.

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