Top Tent Styles for Wedding

Wedding is indeed a special day therefore, it is essential to contact a wedding rental company that provides top wedding tent styles. On the wedding day everything is observed by guests, from wedding tent to bride’s jewelry; then why not have everything special? Below are described some graceful wedding tent styles that can make a wedding party outstanding.

  • Frame Tents:

Specialty of this type of wedding tent is that it does not use poles which makes it so popular and common tent style. It uses metal frame to support the tent that helps it to extend it as much vast as you want. It exposed frame can be used for decoration, hanging the lights and covering with decorated fabric. It can take some time to set up frame tent therefore, you better place the tent a day before the wedding party. Moreover, some party rental companies provide wedding table rentals and wedding chair rentals as well that sets a proper wedding theme.

  • Marquee Tent:

Marquee tent combines the beauty of pole tent and flexibility of frame tent. Its freestanding frame provides decoration opportunity on exposed metal frame with peak roofing that seems like a castle’s roof and adds to the decoration of the whole tent. It comes up with a disadvantage of pole tenting such as poles take space and cannot be placed on solid surface.

  • Pole Tent:

Pole tent is also a common and popular type of tents at wedding and parties. The beauty of this type of tent is its beautiful roofing peaks which are like mountain peaks. As its name reflects it uses poles to erect the structure of the whole tent. Its beauty becomes double when a wedding rental company decorates it with beautiful flowers, matching curtains, elegant tables and chairs. Besides its beauty, it has a disadvantage as well which is that it cannot be placed on the concrete or hard surface as its poles need to be placed on the ground. Moreover, using poles consume valuable space inside the tents.

  • Clear Tents:

It is beautiful type of tents that has transparent roofing. These tents use frame structure covered with transparent sheeting or fabric that serves as transparent roof. Such clear roofing can present beautiful view of clear sky in the day and heartwarming view of the sky loaded with stars at the night. Attractive stage and dance floor that is placed under the shiny stars appeal the guests to dance and enjoy the lovely night.

  • Tropical Tents:

It is perfect tent that increases the grace of wedding at beach. Nice wind blows, beautiful glasses filled with wine and light music of waves produced by seawater; all makes a dream place for wedding rental nyc. Tropical Tents are box-shaped tents with light bamboos or woods used as the basic frame. On these bamboos light transparent fabric is used. Beach theme decoration stuff can also be used to add to the charms of the party.

  • Canopy Tents:

It is the simplest type of tents that are used for wedding parties and other occasions. This tent is often used to extend the tenting space in order to accommodate more people. Specialty of canopies is that these tents provide pretty good tenting on small space.

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