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Instructions for Cleaning and Fixing a Chimney

New rooftop and chimney under blue sky

A chimney fire is generally caused due to the bad chimney cleaning and maintenance. For safe and better chimney functions it is remarkable to clean the chimney thoroughly once in a year, especially before winter season comes. Chimney cleaning is not a hard job; you can do it with pretty effort. Anyway, you can take the support of some expert chimney sweep.

Steps to chimney cleaning

  1. Before beginning working on a chimney, make certain that the fire has long burned out.
  2. The primary thing you need to perform is to measure the interior diameter of the prefabricated or metal chimney by removing the chimney cap with measuring tape. In case you have masonry chimney design, gauge the width and length of the flue liner. Take a fair length chimney brush according to the calculated measures. The brush should neither be too little nor too big.
  3. Stiff bristled rods and brush are perfect for chimney cleaning. These are simply accessible at any hardware stores.
  4. To stop ash or soot escaping into the room, use masking tape or duct tape to attach the sheet or cloth to the fireplace opening.
  5. Replace your clothes and climb up to the rooftop. Don’t forget to keep your chimney flashlight, rods and brush with you before climbing on the roof. Wear breathing mask and goggles as well.
  6. If your chimney has a cap, remove it and perfect it with the brush.
  7. Attach few rods with brush and add it inside the chimney. Keep supporting rods until you feel that the brush is touching the damper area.
  8. Now you are ready to perfect the flue. Move the brush in up and down direction and scrape it against the chimney walls. Remove all wet
  9. Clean the full length of the chimney in the same way. Afterward, take a flashlight and check the chimney for any marks of creosote.
  10. Now perfect the surrounding of the fireplace with vacuum or just swept it with a broom. Remove the drop cloth carefully. Now is the time to rub your tool clean from creosote. Get rid of your breathing mask and goggles. Place the tool at its storage location for future cleaning.
  11. Don’t forget to inspect your chimney for any problem signs with the cleaning If you find any, consult chimney brick repair MD experts.
  12. If the mortar is damaged or loose, clear it and applies fresh mortar on the surface. Cracks can also be packed with mortar. It is advised to use a weather-resistant mortar to provide long life to your chimney.

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