How to keep your commercial refrigerator up and running?

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A commercial refrigerator is extremely important for your restaurant business as it maintains the cooling of all ingredients and beverages, to keep them fresh. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should perform a regular inspection of your refrigerators so that you can avoid expensive commercial refrigerator repairs. So, what should you be doing?

Keeping your commercial refrigerator in the best shape

In this article, we put together several timeless tips that you can use to keep your commercial refrigerators up and running. These maintenance tips will keep your unit strong and clean.

Clean the exterior and interior of the refrigerator consistently

For the best results, clean the entire exterior and interior of your refrigerator unit on a biweekly or weekly basis. Before doing this, remove every item from inside the refrigerator and temporarily move everything to another cooler.

To clean the interior, make use of a soft brush and scrub the surface/shelves using soap, warm water, or a solution of vinegar.

At the same time, you should also clean the exterior of your unit daily. Furthermore, avoid the use of any chlorine cleaners or abrasive scrubbers as they can damage your refrigerator’s interior.

Clean the condenser coil regularly

While you may not realise, it is extremely important to clean the condenser coil of the refrigerator routinely. Most of the commercial refrigerator manufacturers recommend this process once every two months.

This is because due to the dirt and dust, the temperature in the cabinet will increase. Consequently, other components will begin failing which shall result in heavier repair expenses.

Take a look at the gaskets

All commercial refrigeration units rely heavily on the gaskets. In case there is a crack or a split in the gasket, the door of the refrigeration unit will not be sealed shut. As a result of this, cold air will constantly leak out from the interior of the refrigerator.

In the case of a broken gasket, we suggest you get it replaced immediately. In case there are no cracks or splits visible, you should still clean the gaskets routinely to prevent damages. In case grease is regularly used in your commercial kitchen, this process would become even more important.

This is because an increase in the dirt and grease can cause wearing out of the gaskets over some time.

Take a look at the evaporator coil and surrounding area

The evaporator coil is another important commercial refrigerator component, just like condenser coils. An evaporator coil can be found alongside the evaporator fan, and it is responsible for the absorption of heat from the warm air. As a result of this, the unit’s interior ends up getting colder.

It is very important to keep the area around the coil clean regularly. Furthermore, you should also avoid storing way too many hot items inside the refrigerator. In case the vents inside the unit can be blocked, the coil will begin to freeze. This will result in leakage of water, followed by a cabinet temperature rise.

Check the air filters

The air filters often get affected by the griddles and fryers, which can obstruct the ventilation of air. This is another big reason why routine cleaning of refrigerators is so important. In case there are any splits due to the debris, it is time to get the filters replaced.

Ending note

Well, refrigerator and commercial freezer repair Northern VA can be expensive in case too much damage has been done to your refrigerator/freezer. So make sure that you are following all the above-mentioned tips before further damage is done.

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