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How To Use Old Fireplace

A fireplace adds a luxurious feel to your house and requires chimney repair from time to time to function properly. But, if the fireplace in your house is in a non-functional state and you want to use it then, read further to find out the ways to use an old fireplace.

Make It a Good Decoration Spot

One of the best things you can do with an old chimney is to set it up as a decoration spot. If you aren’t looking for chimney cleaning services but still want to use the place then make it a focal point of the whole living room. Place a few candles inside of it and light them to use the fireplace what it was built for without further damaging it. You must be careful about using the fire screen to prevent your flooring from damage from the fire. A tiered candle stands inside the fireplace, using the mantel for decoration pieces are all worth noting.

Using Fireplace Screen

Talking about fireplace screen, there are a lot of very stylish fire screens available at commercial stores. It is a way to block off the fireplace but still make it look stylish and classy. Have your chimney repair services install this new fireplace screen. It is safe and roughly dubbed as a piece of art. Among many designs of the fire screens, ornate fire screens stand out the most. It is a great way to breathe new life into the old fireplace.

Go For a Stylish Mantelpiece

The mantel is an important part of a chimney and with some great repairs and upgrades, it can look even better. A stylish mantelpiece has multiple functions; it can be used as a shelf to put your decorative items on top of it and also it is a great way to increase the geometry and architectural leverage into the room. it gives a real classic feel to a room and they are easily available in different designs from a local chimney mantelpiece shop. To add to the beauty of it, paint the mantel in bright and attractive colors.

Make It Vanish

If your fireplace is really bothering you and you don’t want any of it in your room nor do you want to gain from the benefits that you can simply make it vanish. Vanishing doesn’t mean asking chimney cleaning services to come and remove the chimney but making it blend into the environment. For example, painting it white with the wall. It will not only be hard for an eye to catch but also it will give the room a new bigger look as well as give you a space for decoration.

If you want to do the reverse and revive your fireplace and chimney, you should know how to fix your chimney. This may be a good idea, if your fireplace is not entirely dead.

Replace and Repair the Mortar

Even if your fireplace doesn’t work doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make some minor changes to make it look attractive. Filling the cracks between the mortars is a start. All of the heat the inside of the fireplace has sustained can cause it to break and crack which looks unattractive. You don’t have to replace all the bricks but just the ones that have been badly damaged.

Surround Your Non-Working Fireplace with Stones

Stone veneer is a great material to use as a decorative item. Stone veneer can easily be installed by chimney repair Upper Marlboro services to its surroundings. These stones are available in a lot of variety so you have options to choose from. Installing a unique material will give an old chimney a dramatic feel. Combine it with a classy fire screen and some cool decorative items and you will have a beautiful and luxurious piece of art placed inside your living room or bedroom.

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