Things That Can Destroy Your Phone

A good Smartphone doesn’t come cheap; therefore, you should protect it from damage as much as you can. Many things can destroy your phone thus you should be cautious about them. Here are some of the things that can kill the phone as observed by iPhone repair professionals.

Weather elements

Two of the biggest phone enemies are cold and excessive heat. To keep your device in top shape, you should never expose it to extreme heat or cold. This calls for you to avoid leaving your phone in your car especially during the summer heat or winter cold. As rule of thumb, you should never leave your unit at temperatures higher than 113 Fahrenheit. To avoid damage to your device, you should always switch it off if you will be using it in extremely high or low temperatures.

Cramming the phone fully

Due to the many apps to download, videos and songs, it’s easy to find yourself with a lot of things in your phone to the extent you have no space left. When your phone is too full, it tends to malfunction; thus you don’t get the most from it. You might take your phone to an iPhone expert thinking that it’s damaged, but it’s not. For your device to continue working the way it’s meant to, you should make use of an SD card. To avoid problems, you should carefully monitor the photos, videos, and other things that you keep in it.


Unless the device is waterproofed, water is damaging to all electronics. When water gets into your device, it short circuits it thus causing the damage. To keep the device in top shape, you should avoid using it in areas where it’s more likely to get into contact with water. This calls for you to avoid showers, swimming pools, and other water prone areas.

Overcharging the battery

Many people don’t know this. When you leave your battery plugged in after reaching 100%, you degrade the battery life, and within just a short time you have to replace the battery.


These are some of the things that can destroy your phone. To avoid breaking your screen thus being required to take your device for iPhone screen repair, you should be careful of how you handle the device. You should avoid using it in the shower as you not only risk it getting into contact with water, you also risk falling and dropping it on the hard floor.

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