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What Are The Pros And Cons Of In-Ground Swimming Pools

Many modern houses nowadays have an in-ground swimming pool in them and those which don’t have, homeowners hire swimming pool builders to build one and create a more contemporary look of the house. Below are some pros and cons of in-ground swimming pools that you should know.


Greater Resale Value

If you have a huge space in your front or back yard and you have hired some in-ground swimming pool builders to install a pool in your house then you have ultimately invested money in increasing the resale value of your house. This is because an in-ground swimming pool provides the house with a luxurious look.

Variety of Features

With an in-ground swimming pool, you would have a countless variety of pool features available that can be added for example:

  • A slide
  • Diving board
  • Tanning ledges
  • Waterfall
  • Swim-up bar
  • Children pool
  • Firewall
  • A slope that makes water in the start of pool shallow and gets deeper as you move forward
  • Pool cover (the most widely opted feature by many homeowners)

You can get more than one feature at a time along with , ask your swimming pool builder about it too so that they can check whether there are any technical/architectural issues or you can have the features easily.

Extremely Convenient

With a sudden change in the weather, your mood changes as well and you want a short picnic to enjoy the weather and get your mind refreshed. People who don’t have in-ground swimming pools in their homes go to water parks or public pools which have hygiene issues. With an in-ground swimming pool in your home coupled a beautiful patio, you can enjoy any weather with your family and friends conveniently without any water hygiene issues.

Better Than Above-Ground Pools in Many Cases

Above-ground swimming pools are considered an easy fix. Many people opt for them when they don’t want to go through with all the lengthy installation procedure of in-ground pools. But you should know that the maintenance cost of both in-ground and above-ground pools is the same. But here is the big reveal:

Above-ground swimming pools don’t add value to your house because most potential house buyers see them as a liability than asset. When they see above-ground pools they think it would need removing.

Although above-ground swimming pools have their own advantages, but if you want to add value to your house, in-ground pool is the right option.


Pretty Expensive

The installation process of in-ground swimming pools costs a good amount of money. So, before you make a final decision of getting it installed, make sure you visit a few pool contractors to get a rough idea of the total expenditure that would be cost. Furthermore, the cost of its installation also depends on the type, location, size and material used. However, the average cost of these pools is around $45k to $85k.

A Large Space Is Consumed

If you don’t have enough space in your yard but you have still gotten an in-ground pool installed then this would leave your yard with extremely less or no space at all for sitting or playing. Furthermore, pools in small yards can also hurt the value of your house because many people would rather go for a bigger yard where they can spend some time in the fresh air than a congested one with a pool which won’t be open enough to walk around and have a proper seating arrangement.

Regular Maintenance Is Needed

Just having an in-ground swimming pool to make your house look extremely luxurious is not everything. It demands regular maintenance as well because if you don’t keep it well the pool would lose its efficiency and end up getting replaced. You should take some time out of your schedule once a week for your pool’s maintenance or can simply hire pool maintenance services for the work.

Costly Repair

Would you rather do regular upkeep of your pool or spend a large amount of money on its repair? Well, a wise person would keep it regularly maintained as getting it repaired or replaced is pretty expensive. Ask your in-ground pool builders at the time of installation about the cost of its repair to keep you motivated for regular maintenance. lagrass

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