Tree Services Reveal the Biggest Problems for Your Trees

Tree services always reiterate how serious storm damages can be to trees. Aside from that, when the affected trees are found on and around your property, it will be your liability if there are more injuries or property damages that occur. This is why after a significantly heavy storm, responsible homeowners make it a point to carefully inspect all the trees on their property. It is not necessary for a tree to be toppled over for you to take action. In fact, even those problems that seem minor must be taken seriously.

Here are some of the things you have to watch out for:

  • Impacted power lines
  • Split or hanging tree branches
  • Uneven canopy
  • Tree leans to one side
  • Crevices or holes in tree trunk
  • Frost heaving and other form of anomalies in the soil at the tree’s base

When you notice any the issues above, it is time to get in touch with a reliable arborist right away. A tree damaged by the storm can break then fall right away. Certified local tree removal companies bethesda will be able to determine if the tree really has to be removed or not. More often than not, there is a chance to save the storm damaged tree.

Check out some of the most common injuries to trees, and their potential remedies.

Split Tree

  • Gash like and deeper splits in a branch that seems intact enough could be stripped free of its loose bark, and smoothed or sanded. It can help kick start the tree’s natural process of healing.
  • Minor splits are going to heal on their own.

Broken Tree Limbs

  • You have to prune broken tree limbs up to the point where these join the bigger branch.
  • You can prune away the smaller damaged branches.
  • Protruding tree bark strips at the break’s point must be removed before you smooth down the wood below with sandpaper or saw.

Broken Tree Top

  • It is not advisable to crop even a damaged and uneven tree since this can leave the tree prone to all sorts of infestation.
  • When less than 50% of the crown of the tree remains intact, there is a possibility for the tree service company to use hitches and shunts to support it while it heals.
  • If over 50% of the canopy or crown has been damaged, there is a chance that it will be best to remove the tree.

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