How often should you wash your hair?

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There are reasons why oily hair gets a bad reputation. However, the sebum produced by the scalp is vital for the shine and health of your hair. Regardless of what all the shampoo companies tell you, excessive washing can lead to regular bad hair days. Once the oil from your hair have been stripped away, your hair will become difficult to style. This can also lead to frizz. Typically, frizz can be reduced by treatments such as Brazilian blowout. For more guidance, you can reach out to any Brazilian blowout salon near you.

Which factors should you look for?

Nevertheless, it is not necessary for you to wash your hair every single day. This is especially true if your shampoo is a little to strong. There are many factors that determine the number of times you should wash your hair.

Oil in the hair

Typically, when we feel that our hairs are oily, we assume that they are dirty as well. Some people naturally produce more oil than others. That also depends on several factors such as your environment, sex, genetics, and age.

Older adults and children often do not produce a high amount of sebum. On the other hand, adults in their 20s produce excessive sebum. So, even if you are struggling with oily hair today, worry not because it is likely to go away with age.

Some people produce a lot of sebum on a regular basis which requires daily washing. However, it is rare. If you are among such people, you can always use a light shampoo or perhaps consider using dry shampoo on alternate days.

Hair types

Thin and straight hair requires more washing as compared with wavy and curly hair. On the other hand, straight hair is also less prone to frizz and drying due to the same reason. You can expect curly and wavy hair to end up being drier because the oil does not stick to the strands easily.

Pollen and physical dirt

If you live in an area with a lot of dust, such as the outskirts of a city. Such areas often tend to be dusty due to lesser population and relatively open areas. Furthermore, the outskirts of a cities are also usually home to construction projects, which results in the air being generally dusty.

In such a scenario, washing your hair everyday might become a necessity. However, if you are someone who does not produce a lot of sebum, you can do some light washing regularly. Only use shampoo on alternate days or perhaps, one every three days.


If you are an athlete, then it is likely that you produce a lot of sweat. A sweaty workout can completely mess up your hairstyle as well. Now the amount of sweat that you produce during workout or regular physical activities is a major factor that determines the frequency of washing.

Sweat can sometimes spread around the sebum that your scalp naturally creates, giving off a dirty feel and look. At the same time, it will also make your hair look less fresh. So, you may want to us a light shampoo right after a workout to keep your hair fresh. The same applies to people who wear helmets for extended periods of time such as during traveling on a regular basis.


In conclusion, several factors determine the number of times you should wash your hair. Just remember that overdoing will lead to frizz and can cause excessive hair breakage. That can be solved by reaching out to hair straightening salons Rockville that specialize in Brazilian blowout and other similar treatments.

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