How To Fix Your Faded Hair Color

When you get your hair dyed, streaked, highlighted, or colored in any way, then you love to flaunt your new look, don’t you? You love how the color of balayage hair highlights compliments your facial features and skin tone till it starts to fade and that’s when the actual horror begins.

How Long Does Your Hair Dye Last?

This depends on many factors. The quality of the product and how you maintain your hair tops the list. A hair job gotten from a certified and expert salon and with top-notch products will fade late as compared to cheap products. Also, permanent dye will last a long time compared to semi or demi-permanent dye. Other factors such as how often you wash your hair, the type of shampoo you use, how excessively you expose your hair to hair products and heat. The color tone of your dye is also a huge factor.

For instance, ted tones fade extremely fast as compared to brown and blonde. Blonde also turns brassy if not cared for. Other than that, the size of the color pigments also affects, thick pigmented colors will fade faster as compared to thin pigmented colors. Sunlight exposure and chlorine exposure also lead to fading of your hair color. All these factors contribute to how fast or slow your hair color will fade.

Fixing Your Faded Hair

Once your hair gets faded, it’s hard to completely renew the look or correct the color without getting them professionally redyed or color corrected. However, there are some ways in which you can save your hair from looking too faded, dry, and brassy.

Glossing Treatment

Your one and only savior here is the glossing treatment. You can get it done professionally or also purchase treatment and do it at home. It will last around 3 to 4 weeks and will enhance your hair color, make it look brighter and shinier, and will lock in the color to prevent further fade out.

It basically deposits pigments in your hair and will make them look freshly dyed. It is advised to get your hair glossed every 2 to 3 months after your hair color as it tends to keep the hair color noticeably fresh and unlike hair dyes, does not contain any chemicals, ammonia, and peroxide so your hair is safe. You can opt for a clear gloss or a colored gloss which will enhance your hair color and will instantly freshen up your dull and dry hair color. It will hardly take half an hour to 45 minutes and your hair will be completely revived.

Your Hair Care Routine

Many things will come under this topic. The first of all is to switch to a sulfate-free and clarifying shampoo. Sulfate-free shampoos are kinder on your hair and do not contain harsh chemicals which strip your hair of natural oils and your hair color. Better to use a color-treated sulfate-free shampoo that has color-safe written because it will ensure the longevity of your color. Use a purple or violet-toned shampoo if you have gotten blonde color done and a blue-toned shampoo for brunette and brown tones.

The next thing is how often you shower. Frequent showering, scrubbing, and washing your hair will cause it to become dry and lusterless. Frequent showering also leads to faster color fade out. Always use cold water to rinse your hair as cold water locks in moisture and prevents the fading of your hair color as compared to hot water which is harsh and damaging to your hair and color.

Using hair sprays, mousses, hair gels also damage your hair and reduces the effect of your hair color. Also, regular hair straightening or blow-drying and using heat products is physically damaging to your hair and the heat causes the hair color to fade away faster.

Hair Detox

Your hair is exposed to all kinds of pollutants, dust, and chemicals that build up in your hair and reduce the natural vibrancy, shine, and health of your hair. Washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo helps but incorporating a detox routine to remove the pollutants from your hair is necessary to fight the faded hair color. Regular detox will ensure the long-lost vibrant hair color.

These are the ways that can help you in restoring your hair color and make your hair shinier and brighter. Furthermore, go to a hair color correction specialist Rockville to get the shiny and vibrant hair look back.

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