All about Hair Extensions

A hair extensions salon would apply extensions in the form of lip-ins, weaves, fusion, micro-link, tape-ins, pre-bonded, and many more. There are so many different types of extensions and words that, if you are new to the world of hair extensions, it can become confusing. While extensions of hair are not limited to this unique type.

To further clear up the misunderstanding, we’re breaking down the various forms of extensions. The following article will offer clarification and help you make your hair the right option. So get your hair comfortable, tie it back, and let’s get straight into it.

What Are Hair Extensions?

With the aid of hair extensions, playing with the looks has never been simpler. These attachable tresses, available in all shapes, sizes, and colors, maybe as temporary or as permanent as you want. If you’ve gone without trying them all your life, you’re in for a treat! We promise that with limited effort, they can make you look and sound like a celebrity.

Why Are They So Popular?

Even a full head of thick hair, we are not all lucky, and the same goes for popular people. There’s a lot of emphasis on the red carpet and the catwalk to look flawless, so actors have altered their appearances to keep up with trends. But if they can pull this off, you can too. And to get hair extensions  you do not have to be genetically gifted.

How Hair Extensions Are Made

Extensions of human hair are just as they sound. They are made from actual, top-to-bottom human hair, harvested from a donor. Manufacturers ensure all of the cuticles (the outer layer of the hair) are intact at the time of selection, moving in the same direction. This makes for absolutely no tangling and guarantees that the extensions over their lifespan remain smooth and silky.

Synthetic Hair Extensions:

On the other side, synthetic hair extensions is made from separate synthetic, blended fibers and requires no human hair. Typically, these fibers are very fine synthetic fibers created to resemble natural human hair.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

For synthetic hair extensions, you should expect to spend anywhere from $60-$85. And anywhere from $100-$500 or more for human hair extensions. As they are much better quality than fake hair extensions, we definitely recommend buying human hair extensions as you would be able to enjoy and shampoo them just like your own hair. Based on the weight that you select, most of them vary from $129-$209 (120g, 160g, or 220g).

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

The longevity of extensions of clip-in hair will depend on how often you take care of them what treatments you put on them, and how much you wear them. Most hair extensions last anywhere from 3-6 months to a year or much longer with correct treatment and daily wear.

Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

When it comes to hair extensions, the form and implementation methods matter. Because of the bonding, gluing, and pulling on the hair, some more permanent hair extensions can cause damage. The least harmful choice is clip-in hair extensions since they are easily clipped onto your hair like any normal hair clip.

In comparison, because you are not resting for a long period of time with the extensions in or wearing them non-stop, this decreases the amount of pulling and friction on your scalp, resulting in healthy hair. Clip-in hair extensions do your hair absolutely no harm.


There are also few tricks for you to help them last longer since hair extensions last a long time and are easy to manage. Using, for example, sulfate-free shampoos to wash & condition the hair. To avoid slippage, apply shampoos and treatments from the middle of the hair down.

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