Importance of an HVAC unit in your building

According to air conditioning companies, commercial buildings use up 35% of the total consumption of energy in the United States. In most of these buildings, heating, ventilation, and air conditioner systems use up more than 30% of this total energy usage. So, there must be something going in the back-end that makes these piece of devices so important.

Indeed, it is a big challenge for building owners to get good financial returns while improving the energy efficiency of their building. Since the technology has been advancing at a rapid rate, HVAC systems have increased in complexity.

Today, HVAC systems tend to be extremely sleek and robust. Furthermore, they also tend to offer an impressive array of features. However, with that, comes the problem of maintenance and repair also. Since they are complex in their nature, one requires help of a professional HVAC company to sort the issues out.

Why are HVAC units important?

What is the importance of HVAC units, after all? Well, simply put, we cannot really overemphasize the importance of these systems in residential and commercial buildings. The reasons include:

Indoor comfort

Perhaps the biggest reason why people employ these systems in both residential and commercial properties is because of comfort. After all, fresh and clean air is good for the body as it keeps issues such as seasonal allergies and breathing problems at bay.

Furthermore, they also improve the productivity by keeping the temperature maintained inside the building. By reducing humidity inside one a very humid day, the employees in an office and residents of a house can spend their time in peace.

By having great ventilation, the problem of dust mites is also significantly reduced. Since these mites are the leading cause of eczema, HVAC systems do a lot more than just regulating temperatures.


As we have mentioned before, HVAC systems have become extremely sophisticated over the past few years. Today, HVAC units are capable of providing great efficiency. Today, HVAC systems can save up to 40% of the energy in a house. This data is based on a survey that has been conducted by a range of different companies.

Improve the quality of indoor air

Based on data provided by the EPA (ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY), poor indoor air is a big reason why people suffer from breathing problems. There are a number of pollutants in the air outside that include pollens during the pollen season. These pollutants can trigger allergies, and problems such as asthma in many people. In other people, these pollutants can cause headaches or dizziness.

The quality of air inside a building depends on a wide range of things. By using cheap sensors, air quality inside buildings is readily measured. It has been noticed that those buildings that carry an HVAC unit tend to have a far better indoor air quality. In comparison, those who do not employ HVAC systems tend to have a poor air quality with many pollutants inside.

Ending note

While HVAC systems are extremely useful and beneficial, they tend to work at less than optimum levels in most of the buildings. This is primarily due to a lack of awareness regarding their maintenance. We suggest you to get inspection of your HVAC system at least once whenever the season changes. Otherwise, your unit will continue to work inefficiently. Over a period of time, this can cause damages and a complete shutdown of the system. Hence, you will have to get it repaired by an air conditioning service repair VA company then. This will be significantly more expensive in comparison to a routine check-up and maintenance. So, do not compromise in that!

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