Can You Get A Divorce Without Going To Court

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Divorce is a life-changing experience. It is not easy parting ways with a person you decided to spend the rest of your life with. You go through emotional trauma, anxiety, and depression. Along with it, you experience financial loss, loss of time, and the exposure of your personal life in public. You need the best divorce lawyers on your side to go through this safely.

Is There A Way To Lessen The Pain And Losses?

There is no way you can lessen your pain and sadness. Even if you led an abusive marriage, it is still difficult to let go of the memories, the places you visited together, the time spent together, the things you shared, and your moments with your spouse. But you can lessen the financial burden, your time and make sure your personal life stays under the covers. How? You can get a divorce without going to court and save hassle, time, and money.

Ways Of Getting A Divorce Without Going To The Court

There are 3 ways in which you can get a divorce easily without going to court.

  • Collaborative Law Divorce
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Mediation

Either of these 3 ways to get a divorce can only be followed if you and your spouse are on talking terms and are willing to negotiate calmly and professionally. If even one of the partners does not agree on any term, then court proceedings will have to be carried out. Both the partners have to mutually agree on decisions. Remember, when you are dragged to court, then the decision will not be given without a fight, without arguments and proof. You will be answerable to everything and the attorneys will place allegations as well. The final decision will be of the judge and you will not be able to contradict it whether it is in your favor or not.

The reason for disagreements between the spouses is either of the things or all of the things listed below:

  • Division of property and debt
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Partner support
  • Who gets to keep the current house?
  • Meeting days and time

If all these issues are resolved and mutually agreed upon by both partners then there will be no chance of conflict and the divorce will be easy.

Collaborative Law Divorce

This is a divorce where you and your partner amicably agree on all the issues such as division of assets, debts, finances, child support, and alimony. You both will have the support and help from the collaborative law attorney. The support of other mediators such as financial assistants, child specialists, therapists, family law attorneys, and mental health experts will also be needed. They will guide you regarding how to make the best decision for your children, your family and yourself, and your mental well-being.

The collaborative law attorney will help you regarding the paperwork and formalities. If you both agree on everything and there is no chance of reconciliation, then the final divorce paperwork will be submitted to the court. This is time-saving as well as money and saving and both you and your partner can hire the modulator advisors together to save more money.

Uncontested Divorce

There are two types of divorce; Contested divorce and Uncontested divorce. A contested divorce is one where one party challenges and contradicts the other and is not ready for divorce and the situation is dragged to court.

An uncontested divorce is when both the parties mutually decide for a divorce and agree and decide on everything together out of court. Then they will visit the divorce attorney or even their family law attorney to draft the paperwork. No mediator, no advisor of any sort is required in this. The attorney will then submit the documents to the court and the divorce will be finalized with the least spending, time, and hassle.


This is also a very simple divorce process in which both the parties calmly want a divorce and want to keep it easy for their children. They go to a divorce attorney, who will guide them through the lows and highs of filing for a divorce and will also guide them regarding property division, alimony, child custody and support, and future co-parenting ideas.


These types of quiet divorces are best for couples who can easily come to terms with one another and are willing to save time, money, and hassle. You can use an uncontested divorce attorney Fairfax VA and save money for yourself and your children.

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