How To Get A Divorce Without Going Broke

Divorce can take a huge toll not only on your emotions but on your finances as well. It’s an expense that you never saw coming. Involve a family lawyer and use these easy ways to get a divorce without going broke.

Invest Some Time When Picking A Lawyer

Getting legally divorced is expensive, but with some prior knowledge and a lot of preparations, it can be made easy. According to some divorce experts, you should invest some good time while picking a lawyer.

Go through the directory of lawyers based on your location and make a list of your preferred attorneys. Then, once you have the list, see which one you feel most connected to.

Divorce experts suggest making sure your lawyer is listening to you carefully, and you’re getting pampered at work.

Do The Bargain Beforehand

We understand you’re not getting divorced every day to have an experience in it. And that is why we’re here for your help. According to divorce experts, deciding the attorney’s charges is where most couples stumble.

And this is your very initial step at getting divorced. If you’re going to fail at it, God knows what’ll happen next. We suggest you be clear about the charges beforehand. Ask your attorney what he/she usually charges. Discuss with him the whole divorce process and how he’s going to charge for each step.

This way, you can even ponder about getting most of the work (basic) done by yourself to save your money.

Save Your Attorney’s Time

Know this thing that most of the attorneys usually charge per hour. So, the more work you throw at them, the more they’ll charge.

Instead, try doing most of your work on your own. This will save your attorney’s time and will cost you low charges per hour.c

For instance, you can bind your documents before the divorce proceedings begin and make it a little less messy for your attorney. The best attempt would be to index and label your documents beforehand.

Also, don’t ask questions randomly like when you wake up and decide to ask a question one day and then another the other day. Your attorney isn’t free for you the whole time. Instead, send your queries in a single email to save up their time.

File For The Fee Waiver

The good news is that if you’re extremely low on budget, you can still afford to file for a divorce without any money. You can ask for the fee waiver and the divorce documents on your local family court website. There you have to provide financial proof and file for a fee waiver.

You can find about filing a fee waiver in detail on the internet. We suggest you do your complete research beforehand.

Try Working With Big Firms

We’ve seen most couples avoid going to the big firms, as they think these might be expensive. However, here we’re going to break this myth. Big firms, at the end of the day, usually charge lower than an individual attorney.

Well, that is because a big firm has multiple lawyers and staff. So, the work is divided between them and costs is low on average. While on the other side, an individual lawyer has to do all the work on his/her own.

Seek The Services Of A Paralegal

Another way to cut your expenses includes seeking the services of a paralegal. Though they’re not actually lawyers, they still have experience at hand to help you through the process. For instance, an associate will prepare your divorce documents for lower charges.

A paralegal with an experience of five-plus years will work best for you. Some might consider it unnecessary cost, but having a paralegal will save you from document preparation problems and errors. But keep in mind that you can’t seek legal advice from them.


We understand divorce is an extremely hard time for you. A lot of things are going on in your life at the same time. So, we suggest you slow down for a bit and check on your emotions. This will save you from making any harsh decisions. And you decide to get a divorce, hire a cheap divorce lawyer Fairfax VA to get started.

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