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Some easy ways to open up clogged drains

We all know that there are certain warning signs of clogged drains. When drains get clogged, water starts filling up in the sink. As a result of this, the sink takes quite long to get drained. At the same time, if your bathroom drains are clogged, you will see that water will pool up around your feet. This will result in unpleasant and strange odours. In case you are experiencing something like this, it is very important to get the drains cleared right away. In case you do not know how to clear the drains, you may also reach out to drain cleaning companies. However, clearing minor clogs in the drains is not a very big deal.

Some easy tips to clear clogged drains

Most of the times, drains in a house get clogged due to gunk and excess hair that get filled up on the surface. As more and more substance flows into the drain, the water finds no way out. In extreme cases, the passage of water can be blocked permanently.

In this article, we put together a number of tips that you can use to clear clogged drains in your kitchen and bathroom. These include the following:

Using a bent wire hanger

This is one of the simplest techniques that are used to clear clogged drains. All you need for this technique, is a wire coat hanger. Once you get one, straighten it as much as you can. Then, bend one of its ends and shape it like a hook.

Insert the wire into the drain and use a little force to fish out all the gunk and clogs out of the drain. As a result of this, you should be able to take out all types of nasty stuff and hair that is blocking the drain.

However, be very cautious about pulling gunk out and avoid pushing it even further down the drain.

Use a vinegar and baking soda mixture

In this technique, all you need is one-third cup of vinegar and baking soda. Mix both of them together using a measuring cup. You will see that they both will start fizzing right away. Now, waste no time and pour the entire solution down your clogged drain.

The fizzing action of the solution will remove grime, hair, and gunk that is blocking your drains. If the drain is blocked far enough, let the solution sit inside for at least an hour. Though, overnight is preferred!

Once you are ready, flush it all out using hot water. Though, be cautious when you are using water at high temperatures. At times, water at high temperature may damage other material around the area.

Use simple boiling water

Often at times, simple boiling water may also be able to do the trick. This is literally the simplest trick that you can use. All you need is a kettle for this. Though, you may also use a microwave or a stove in case you do not have a kettle. Now, boil water and pour it down slowly through the drain. However, you will have to repeat this process for a number of times in order to get it to work. Though, if you do it a couple of times, chances are that the clogged particles will soften and flow through. However, do remember that it will not break the grime down.

Ending note

A big number of drain clogs can be cleared away using DIY methods at home. However, there are times when you have no solution other than taking help from drain cleaning services . This happens when the clogs are too big or tough to be broken away using home methods. So, be prepared for that!


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