What are the causes of bad hair transplantation?

It is natural like any other surgical procedure, that some hair transplant surgery may not become as successful as expected. The main reason usually attributed to such a situation will be lack of experience or low expertise on the part of the surgeon. There are some inherent side effects for hair transplantation surgery. In this article I am going to explain some signs that will be helpful to you to understand  whether the results are successful or whether they have some drawbacks or shortcomings.

Incompetency of the surgeon

Most unsuccessful hair transplant cases are considered as occurred due to the incompetency of the surgeon. Now let us examine this.  Natural hair line of a male can be considered as passing through a point that lies about say 2 to 2.5 inches above the crease of eyebrow.  But if a surgeon fails in visualizing this aesthetically, it will make the result look awkward.  Such hair transplant surgery will give you an unnatural look that instantly notifies the procedure you have undergone.

Large hair grafts

Using larger grafts is considered as an example of bad transplantation.  Larger grafts give the candidate a doll’s look which is unattractive and shameful.  This happens when there is large number of hairs in a plug.  Plucking and transplanting hair in follicular units is the best practice. Any practice contrary to this can result in an unsuccessful hair transplant clinic.

Irregular positioning

Another factor that makes the transplantation awkward is when the transplanted hairs are positioned without any consideration to the hair existing in the neighborhood.  If the hair is not transplanted in the correct angle, the net result will be awkward and inconsistency.  Hair placed in the same slanting as the surrounding hairs will make the procedure a success and give the customer a satisfying feeling. Otherwise it will create a mess and result in dissatisfaction.

One can easily see that the above problems that can occur in hair transplantation are attributed to the incompetency of the surgeon. But all the bad transplantation is not caused by the surgeon’s defect alone. Sometimes the scalp entirely rejects transplanted hair without any known reasons.

It is very important to choose the right surgeon so that no fault as mentioned above occurs on his part and the candidate feels happy and feels satisfied for spending the money for a good purpose. A good surgeon will be the best person to decide whether you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation and which is the suitable procedure for a particular candidate.

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