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Arborist Services: 5 Ways To Protect Yourself When Cutting Trees

When you are undertaking tree removal, you need to protect yourself and property from damage. According to arborist services providers, there are plenty of ways in which you can do it:

Use the right equipment

You need a wide range of tools to successfully and safely bring down a tree. You need a chainsaw, axe, and many others. When you don’t use the right equipment, you risk damaging the tree or even injuring yourself.

Different tools are ideal for use in different areas and they can cut different sizes and types of trees. For you to be on the safe side, ensure that you rent or buy the right tools. If you aren’t sure of the right ones that you should go for, ask a professional to help you out.

Use the right protection

You need to protect yourself from the dangers that come with tree removal. As a rule of thumb, you should have protective safety goggles that will protect your eyes from flying wood chips.

It’s also wise to protect your legs in the event of saw kicking out when it hits a snag in the tree.

Since chainsaws are noisy and can harm your ears, to protect your hearing you should consider getting ear protection. You can wear headphones, earplugs, radio headphones or any other ear protection devices that are ideal for you.

Prepare the fall zone

Where will the tree fall? You need to think about this as falling the tree at the wrong place will be disastrous. You need to ensure that the tree falls on an area where it can’t be damaged. Ensure that the tree doesn’t fall on things such as active power lines. You also should ensure that there aren’t people on the site as you are cutting the tree.

Work with professionals

Many people try to cut the trees by themselves. While there is nothing wrong with this especially if you have the skills to do it, you should avoid doing it if you have never done it before. If the tree is large or in a risky area, things can easily get out of hand, putting you in great danger.

For you to protect yourself and ensure that the tree removal is done professionally, hire professionals to help you out.

When hiring the contractors, avoid those that are too cheap as they will most likely provide you with poor service. At the same time, you should avoid those that are too expensive as they might not be worth it in the long run.

The good rule of thumb is to go with professionals that are moderately priced.

In addition to the price, you also need to pay attention to the experience of the contractor. How long has the contractor been cutting trees? Go for someone who has been in the industry for a couple of years.

Is the tree services professional certified? You need to think about this. For you to have peace of mind that the contractor won’t cut the tree the wrong way thus putting your life and that of your loved ones at risk, ensure that the contractor has the necessary certifications.

Things can go wrong when removing trees; therefore, ensure that the professionals are insured. You don’t want to incur an additional cost of taking care of medical bills of people hurt when cutting trees.

Finally, you need to consider the type of equipment that the contractor is using. As mentioned above, you need to use the right equipment for you to protect yourself and property. Ensure that the contractor you hire has the right tools for the job.

The tree cutting professional should have properly maintained chainsaws and cherry pickers.

Remove the tree stumps

After removing the trees, stumps remain. Tree stumps are not only unsightly to look at, they also serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects. For you to be on the safe side, you should get rid of them soon after cutting the trees.

The cool thing is that there are plenty of ways in which you can remove the stumps. You can remove the stumps by yourself or hire tree removal services Montgomery County professionals to help you out.

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