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How To Insulate Your House

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Insulating your house is a good way to keep your home warm. You won’t need heat pump repair services when your HVAC unit is working perfectly and it will when you have insulated your house. You can insulate your house by following these tips.

Inspecting the Insulation

First things first, you will need to inspect your house for the areas that need insulation. You can only act upon insulating your house when you know where you need insulation. Check for the insulation on the exterior walls by pulling out the electric outlet and flashing a torch into it to determine how thick the wall is. Not only that you must also inspect the floors for insulation. If you are not sure how to do it, consider hiring a professional house insulating company to come and inspect your house.

Attic and Roof

HVAC companies recommend that your house is insulated especially the attic to increase your heating system efficiency. The attic is said to be the most uninsulated area in the house and causes the most heat loss and insulating the roof and attic is the most effective way to reduce the problem. Not only it will prevent heat loss but it will help your HVAC system to work in the most efficient way possible as it will maintain the heat temperature and use less energy. Note that insulating your roof and attic will only keep your house warm from the inside but your water pipes and water tank in the loft will remain exposed to the cold, causing them to freeze. You will also want to insulate your loft as well.

Replace the Storm Door

A storm door is very effective in keeping the heat inside the house and the cold outside the house. If you don’t have it installed in your house then you must consider getting it. if you have it installed already then you might want to replace its screen with a solid glass panel as it will keep the cold outside even if you will keep your main door closed all season.

Seal Any Leakages

Check for the leakages in your windows and door panels. The heat will quickly escape to a colder atmosphere wherever it gets the way. Sides and bottom of the doorways are the most common culprits of letting the heat out of the house. Use rubber to seal off these cavities in the doors and windows to completely insulate your house from the outside cold. You must also check cavities or cracks in the walls because they are also responsible to let the heat out of the house. Look for the cavity walls and seal them off when you find them. You will need to know the type of your wall for this so consider hiring a professional if you have no idea about it.

Solid Walls

If your house has solid walls then it may be dissipating heat into the outer atmosphere faster than you know. However, insulating solid walls is easy. Insulation boards are fitted onto the walls internally which keeps the heat inside. It can also be insulated from the outside by fitting an insulation material on the wall and then covering it up with cladding.

Insulating the Floors

If you are a resident of a ground floor then you might want to consider insulating your floor from heat. People who live on an upper floor or in an apartment don’t need to do it. Floors are often neglected when you are insulating a home. Just like walls, they also have cavities and gaps in them which can result in heat loss and they must be filled or sealed. Areas such as garages should be especially floor insulated.

Insulating Your Water Heater

Insulating your water heater will solve the problem of getting warm water. Water tanks and pipes can freeze but having the pipes insulated by surrounding them with foam will make it warm for a good amount of time. Same goes to your water heater. However, the protective armor around the water heater should be of fiberglass which can be used to cover up the heater like a blanket

HVAC companies McLean are called more and more during the cold season but insulating your house using these tips will help you control your expenses.

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