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What Is The Cheapest Way To Add Space To Your Home

Basement in new construction home with fireplace

There was a time when people preferred moving into new homes once their families began expanding. However, today, considering the real estate prices, you will need to think twice. That is why adding space to your existing house by a home addition contractor is a great way to save some money and add practicality as well. If you were wondering how, read on.

Finish the Unfinished Improvement Project

You might have come across many homes that have basements or attics. While the rest of the house is mainly focused on, the basement or attic is left ignored. This is one of the best ways to add space to your home without breaking the bank.

Moreover, you can do much more with such a living space. For instance, you can make it a guest room, entertainment room, or library. The best thing about converting a basement into a living space is you won’t be needing much to use it. All you are going to need is some windows, ventilation, and insulation.

On top of that, it might also increase the value of your house should you plan on selling your house in the future.

Try A Bump Out Addition

The bump-out addition is getting popular with each passing day and for all the right reasons. But first, you will need to decide how much additional space you need and what is the purpose of the space. Decide whether you want an office or an entertainment room. The reason is that some rooms might not require as much space as you think.

In a bump-out addition, you add more space to an existing room. Depending on the room and the area available, you can add somewhere from two feet to fifteen square feet extra. The advantage of a bump-out addition is that it is cheaper than a standard room and smaller as well.

That said, instead of building a new room altogether, you could opt for a bump-out addition that will give you some extra space for your needs.

Go For A Sunroom

One of the least expensive ways of adding space to your home is opting for a sunroom. A sunroom is exactly what the term suggests, a room with sliding glass doors and entirely made of windows. This brings down the cost of building a standard room with insulation or walls.

Additionally, some companies also provide step-by-step instructions and gazebo kits to help you construct a sunroom yourself without needing a contractor, which helps save a lot of money.

Consider The Size

It is generally believed that the bigger the space, the higher will be the cost of turning it into a living space. But that is not true in every case. Sometimes, contractors will give you a higher price just because they do not want to use their labor and people on small jobs when they can make better money on big projects.

But this does not mean that you cannot have a small addition. The best way to avoid such a situation is by consulting multiple contractors, interviewing them, and choosing someone reliable and honest. While the aim is to keep the overall cost as low as possible, what is more important is that you find someone who understands what you want.

In addition to that, contractors are sharp people. They will suggest adding certain features or designs that will only increase the costs. Therefore, be clear about the size in mind and always focus on the practical features first.

Add A Room Above The Garage

Finally, instead of adding space horizontally, consider adding space vertically. This is going to be a great addition if you have tight space not because you might be interfering with your neighbor’s privacy but also because you won’t be needing a foundation.

This type of space can be a great addition for your office, a room for your college-going kid, or anything else based on your needs and preferences.


Adding space to your house without spending too much requires you to be clever and smart. Choose from home addition companies McLean if possible and make sure everything about the addition is according to what you might need in the present and the future.

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