Enjoy Work And Lose Weight At The Same Time

While there are some people who are under an advanced medical weight loss program, with your corporate environment where eating and snacking seems to be a trap and a routine at the same time, you might already be thinking of undergoing that same program because you feel like you are already hitting your fatness level.


Any workplace can be busy both in and outside office hours. Especially if you are on top of your game, you can’t simply say no to engagements in the office and outside the office like hotels, airports, conferences, and those dinners and cocktail parties which all involve – FOOD, lots of it, actually.

But don’t worry, there are tips and tricks that you can use to balance your focus on your career while eyeing on being fit and stronger at the same time.

Eat A Big and Heavy Breakfast.

  • If you find eating on the go as you play catch up with your everyday schedule prevents you from gaining – you are completely wrong. Grabbing an onion bagel on your way to work is not a beneficial breakfast. You have to start smart, eat a complete breakfast the moment you wake up to boost your metabolism. The common mistake here, especially by men, is that eating lighter breakfast or a low-calorie meal first half of the day makes them starve more in the evening causing them to overeat.

If you eat right early in the morning, you’ll less likely feel hungry and pig out the whole day. Plus, you get to enjoy work more because you started your day right.

Have A Second Breakfast.

  • Having a quick breakfast at home like cereals or yogurt, then a second meal when you reach the office is completely okay. Make it a habit to have a stock of whole-grain loaf or bread and peanut butter. Eating foods which combines carbs and protein jumpstarts your energy and keep you full for the rest of the day or even longer.

Grab Some Snacks.

  • Snacking late in the afternoon will shy you from overeating at dinner time. You can have an ounce of nuts, a cup of yogurt, or a piece of fruit. The balanced combination of fat, protein, and carbohydrates are the right supplies to keep your cholesterol level and blood pressure at a normal and healthy condition.

Keep The Bright Lights On.

  • A study shows that dimmer lights can cause or invite anyone to pig out. Low-level illumination makes a person less self-aware, which makes them do or eat whatever they are craving for.

Never Eat At Your Office Table.

  • When you eat at your desk, which most people do at work, is actually a bad move. It prevents your mind to pay attention to either your food or work. Better yet, leave your station and grab a salad, or if you have to stay chained to your desk, buy yourself packed food that is good only for a single serving. Whether you eat every single piece of it, it won’t add much to your weight.

Avoid Having Dinner At The Office.

  • Research shows that the more you spend your dinner time at the office just to meet your deadlines and earn that promotion will actually make you spend more on prescription drugs and medicines. This is because of the many complications you acquired from being overweight, which you didn’t see it coming.

Fill Up Your Thermos Or Tumbler.

  • Those tumblers and thermos are not just created for “coffee-on-the-go”, you can also use them for protein-rich smoothies, berry shakes, low-fat milk or water.

The truth is, whenever you feel good about yourself and how you look can actually change your mindset about work and other things that make you productive. Balancing happiness when at work while managing your weight starts with the right mindset. This will help you avoid consulting the medical weight loss centers and freely enjoy life without any worries.

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