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6 Popular Metal Countertops You Need To Know About

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Going for metal countertops? Let’s know which ones are trending the most as advised by metal and quartz installers.

Popular countertop materials

Please take a sneak peek over the most popular kitchen countertop materials available in market these days:

Stainless Steel Countertops

No doubt granite countertop companies have captured a lot of market for stoned countertops but metal countertops will always have their classic share in the market. Stainless steel is one of the most demanding and long lasting metal countertop materials which always lead other materials. Since it is a non-porous material so cleaning the surface is a very easy task while it has a great life span as well. It adds a very modern look to the overall room décor while gives no harm to the environment being antibacterial and antimicrobial in nature. It can also be extra environment friendly if used with high percentage of recycled and salvaged material.

Zinc Countertops

When you have decided to go for metal countertops, the number one thing you will think about is the cleaning and maintenance part which you will have to look after then. Mostly, quartz installers recommends you to go for zinc countertops for easier cleaning while it is a less clinical material than stainless steel as well. Also, it has a natural tendency to generate patina over time which is dark grayish in color giving an absolutely antique yet stylish look to the overall décor.

Copper Countertops

Copper is always a winner when you are looking for warm and traditional décor with rest of the traditional interior. Granite countertop companies will always recommend you to go for the one if you have overall traditional décor at your home as you can’t get such look with stoned countertops. Copper surface is easier to clean while it gives least space to bacteria to live on the surface being a naturally strong metal. It was very famous in old times as well due to its ability to change colors over time by making patina over the surface giving blue, green and grayish tones to the surface.

Bronze Countertops

Bronze is a very versatile material used widely for backsplash, range hoods along with countertops. The best thing about bronze countertops is that you can give them a shiny polished finish, mirror finish or matt finish as per your requirements. You just need a professional quartz installer to install the countertops carefully without harming the finishing of surface. It gives an elegant look to the overall décor with a very long lasting life span. Also, bronze material resists dents and scratches which add a significant increase in the overall durability of your countertops. However, it is a bit expensive than other metals and available at very limited stores. You might need to order somewhere in advance if you are planning to go for one.

Pewter Countertops

Pewter is also an old yet traditional material which has also been used as daily household utensils like plates, pots and bowls in old era. The unique thing about pewter countertops is that they develop a muted charcoal patina over the surface as it ages with time. This makes a subdued quality of grayness over the surface giving a traditional touch to the overall décor of your interior. Many granite countertop companies always recommend selecting a pewter countertop if you want to add a traditional touch to your décor and do not prefer to select copper material.

As it also have a non-porous surface like stainless steel, pewter countertops are considered as environment friendly as it has the natural tendency to kill bacteria quickly. It is also easy to clean while it looks very beautiful when used on the decorative edges of your countertops. However, it is also a bit expensive than other materials while not much resistant to dents and scratches as well.

Brass Countertops

No doubt it sounds as a rare material for countertops but it makes a beautiful addition for sure. It adds a great amount of lustrous look along with shiny appearance which is easy to clean and maintain. The good thing about brass countertops is that they are light yet highly resistant to dents and scratches. But again, you need a highly professional granite countertop companies raleigh nc so as to make sure the installation process does not harm the countertop. And yes, it is also expensive due to being a unique material but the beautiful golden hue it creates over the surface totally worth being costly.

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