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Which Granite Countertop Finish Is The Best

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Granite countertops are one of the most trendy countertops in the market, people love it because of its look, durability and its longevity. There are tons of finishes available in granite kitchen countertops. Some of the most common and popular finishes are discussed below.

Polished Finish

The polished finish of granite countertops is just like how it sounds. The top surface looks extremely lustrous and shiny. Polished granite is very common and famous and it is very easy to clean. The polished surface keeps the top smooth and non-porous, which makes the surface easy to clean on an everyday basis. The polished surface also brings out the true beauty and features of the stone. The veining looks more intensified and the colors shine brightly too. Polished granite surfaces are achieved by either buffing the existing granite with a diamond carbide buffer, or there are also variants of granite which are available in more lustrous finishes.

Honed Finish

Honed finish is also known as a satin finish. It is more like a matte and non-shiny finish of granite. Honed finishes are prepared just like any other finish, but in the end, the top surface is either sanded or buffed to create a smooth top surface with no mirroring and lustrous properties. Matte granite finish also look very mesmerizing and they have a unique appeal to them. The only downside of honed or matte granite countertops is that it is less stain resistant than polished granite, so you need to seal it every so often to make it look spotless for longer periods of time.

Leathered Finish

The one thing which granite which people find a bit annoying is that it shows smudges, fingerprints and dust a lot. Well, leathered finish of granite countertops is considered a newer technique of finishing granite countertops but, don’t be alarmed, it doesn’t require or have leather at all. The way that the finish is done makes the top surface look like leather. After buffing and sanding down the surface of granite, it is then run over a series of diamond tipped brushes. These brushes add some texture to the top surface. This texture is not just for looks. It makes the leathered finish more stain and water resistant than homed or matte granite.

Flamed Finish

Flamed finish is a very unique way of making the granite countertops look extremely beautiful. Since granite is quite heat resistant, it is heated for a long time under high temperatures, which causes the mica in the granite to melt and this causes granite to change its color and veining pattern. The finish which is revealed after the stone has been heating for a long time, is known as flamed finish granite. This heating process is very multifunctional, it acts as a natural sealing agent for the stone and it makes the stone water and moisture resistant.

Caressed Finish

Caressed finish is a hybrid between the leathered and polished finish. This adds a lot of strength, durability and resistance to the stone, as compared to its solo counterparts. It also protects the stone against moisture and water.  You get the texture of the leathered finish, but on top of that, you get the subtle shine of polished finish. If you are looking for something unique with texture and a glossy finish, then caressed granite countertops are your best bet.

Bush Hammered Finish

This finish is extremely textured and it looks very elegant and different from other stone finishes. Think of it like this, the bush hammered finish is done by bashing the top surface of the granite with a mallet having triangle spokes sticking out. The triangle pattern gets embossed on the top surface and it looks extremely rugged and beautiful. This bashing technique is also used to lighten the color of granite. It is not as common as polished finish, because it is extremely porous and hard to clean. It is mainly used for making interior décor pieces.

There you have it! These finishes are very common and people choose any one of them to their liking. Talk to a granite countertop installer Raleigh NC to know which finishes would complement your kitchen’s colors and theme. Moreover, search online for more ideas.

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