How To Clean Tinted Car Windows

Cars are valuable investments for all of us, and they take us to our destinations on a daily basis while providing us with safety, privacy and luxury during travel. However, certain parts of cars, like their window glasses are susceptible to damage. That’s why preventive measures like auto window tinting is used by car owners for additional safety of the windows.

But the tints also need to be well maintained if you want to keep them looking like new in the long run. Here are some valuable tips that you can follow to clean tinted car windows easily.

Prepare Properly

If you have taken your car to the car wash and want a professional to wash the tints for you, then make sure that they have the right type of equipment to wash the car glass tints properly.

These tools should include:

  • Soap that is free of ammonia. Ammonia can usually mess up the car tints by reacting with them, so, you should avoid using ammonia based soaps and cleaners in their particular washing process.
  • Shade is also vital when you’re getting the car washed. Shade helps slow down the process of car cleaning. This way, there are less water spots left on the car, and you can do your job perfectly.
  • A microfiber cloth or a towel should be used for cleaning purposes. Soft cloth/towels can absorb a lot of water. You should have one towel to apply the soapy solution to the windows, and another one for cleaning it.

Wash The Windows At The Last

While this might sound simple, this can help you clean the glass at the end to help make it look cleaner once the car dries. Cleaning car windows before washing the car will leave water marks. So, wash your car thoroughly and clean the windows afterwards to prevent any marks.

The interior cleaners should also be chosen carefully as they can affect the window tints as well.

Always Keep Tints In Mind

When cleaning your car, remember to use an ammonia free soap/ cleaner in combination with a microfiber cloth for the best results. Once you rub the tint with soapy cloth, dry it right away by using a dry microfiber cloth. However, be careful with the edges of the tint, as the cleaner can form bubbles if it gets underneath the tint.

If you have the bubbling problem already, you can either use a heat gun to solve this problem, or have a credit card wrapped in microfiber cloth to push the bubbles out from the nearest edge. However, being too harsh can cause damage to the window tints as well.

After applying the wet cloth on the windows, use a soft cloth to thoroughly dry it. Apply enough pressure to remove all the signs of cleaner from the window. Keep in mind that all of this should be done before the cleaner dries out, because then you’ll have to reapply the cleaner and repeat the whole process.

Proper Maintenance

In addition to cleaning the tints regularly, paper maintenance measures should also be taken in order to keep the car window tints in a good shape in the long run. The maintenance need of a tint also depends on the chosen material’s quality, and the perfection in applying it. While regularly installed window tints can definitely last a few years, a tinting job well done can easily last for 5 years, but you’ll still need to take proper steps to make sure that the tints last for a long time.

Simple things, like preferring to park your car in a shade instead of directly under the sun can make a big difference. You should also get the interior surface of your car’s windows cleaned at least once every two weeks.

You should never cut corners when installing in new tints for your car windows. The same thing should be applied when you’re getting the tints maintained, never cheap out on this.


These were some of the best methods to wash and clean the tints perfectly, and without any major issues. By following these tips, you can make sure that your car glass tints will stay secure for a long time. If the tints are old, you should head to a window tint shop Springfield for new tints.

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