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My Oven Is Not Self-Cleaning

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There was a time when cleaning ovens was a daunting task. However, today, there are a lot of ovens out there that come with a self-cleaning feature. This not only ensures longevity but also optimum performance for longer durations. However, sometimes the feature may fail to work and you should know how to troubleshoot the problem yourself when you can’t call in an appliance repair service. Let’s begin!

Check The Switch Assembly And Door Lock Motor

Ovens that feature self-cleaning tend to get the cycle going depending on the way the manufacturer has designed it. However, if you notice that the self-cleaning cycle is not turning on, there might be a few problems along the way.

First, you should inspect and check the switch assembly along with the door lock. As the oven begins its self-cleaning cycle, the door lock switch turns on the door lock motor and switch assembly, preventing the door from opening mid-way. If the switch look happens to be faulty, it will not allow the unit to begin its self-cleaning cycle. The reason is that the oven identifies that the door is not locked in properly and will only run once it properly locks in its place.

Temperature Control Thermostat

The thermostat has an important role to play in the self-cleaning cycle. It ensures that the oven maintains an ideal temperature. If the thermostat happens to be faulty, the oven will not be able to perform the self-cleaning cycle. Sometimes, a thermostat works fine during regular oven use, however, it might give up once the self-cleaning cycle begins.

Unfortunately, identifying a faulty thermostat is complicated. You will need to call a professional who might replace the unit.

Check The Thermal Fuse

If your oven fails to initiate the self-cleaning cycle, then the thermal fuse might be the culprit. The thermal fuse is designed to prevent the appliance from overheating. If the unit becomes too hot or overheats during usage, the thermal fuse will trip, causing the machine to shut down. In other cases, the thermal fuse might give up prematurely, preventing the oven from performing the self-cleaning cycle. If that is the case, you will need to replace the thermal fuse.

Check The Oven Control Board

If you have inspected and tested potentially faulty components and they are working perfectly, you might want to check the oven control board. As the term suggests, the oven control board controls the oven and sends voltage to bake and broil units. At the same time, it also initiates the self-cleaning function. If the control board happens to be defective, the oven will not be able to initiate its self-cleaning cycle.

Although control boards are tough electrical components, that doesn’t mean they cannot become defective. Sometimes, anything as simple as electricity fluctuation can damage the board. And since it is the brain of the oven, you should not play around with it. Ask a professional for help who will identify the damage as soon as the control board is accessed.

Check The Warranty

If you have recently purchased a new unit, you should check if the warranty covers the defect or fault. Manufacturers do provide assurance against some electronic components and components do become defective even if the machine is new. Therefore, the manufacturer will fix the problem for free without you having to spend any money.

Do Ovens Need Maintenance?

Even though the self-cleaning cycle ensures that the ovens are kept clean, they do require annual maintenance. Since ovens are used to bake food items, the accumulation of food items and particles might affect its performance and efficiency.

Additionally, ovens are not expensive to maintain either. Performing annual maintenance ensures that not only the machine is kept clean but any potential future problems are identified as well.

Final Word

The above-mentioned oven self-cleaning problems are the most common. If the cycle fails to initiate, there might be some other problem that needs to be fixed. Therefore, ensure that only an oven repair Springfield professional tends to the problem and performs the repairs or replacement if required. Self-cleaning problems are reparable, but if you find an issue with the oven which is half the price of the oven to repair, you should consider buying a new one.

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