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Landscaping Shrubs For Every Garden

With its tons of wonderful shape, size, foliage, and flower, shrubs can transform a mundane yard into a magical outdoor spot. Any local patio builders can create a landscaped garden using a diversity of garden plants and shrubs is always part of any garden landscaping design. It is simply because a shrub can make any backyard or front yard garden welcoming and refreshing. Landscape artists may set aside the grass and trees, but almost never the shrubs.

Shrubs Are The Best Garden Décor

Shrubs, together with their fleeting and dominating foliage, plays a huge role in garden landscaping and outdoor decoration.  Like the garden trees, evergreen shrubs can have needle-like leaves or a broadleaf-like and can present cones or colorful berries, lovely flower, and interesting bark. During the winter season, even their leafless, writhe trunks, and natural form amazingly enhance a simple landscape design. Their various shapes and sizes provide an interesting transition between tall trees and groundcover plants, giving the edges of boundaries a refreshing look, walls, buildings, and foundations. Shrubs are a great protector of the soil as well as in sheltering various kinds of wildlife.

If you’re wondering how versatile shrubs are, they are being used as slopes groundcovers, living walls, backdrops for flower borders, and as a blockage for dust and street noise. They are a perfect outdoor cover for unpleasant visual spots like utility meters, trash can areas, heating and cooling units, and pool mechanicals.

The Common Landscape Shrubs

  • Hydrangea Shrubs

The Hydrangea has various shades such as white, pink, and blue, and their amazing, summer blooms are just amazing.  These popular shrubs are perfect in woodland gardens, as a specimen plant, and clustered borders.

  • Azaleas or Rhododendrons

This type of shrubs come in a wide range of colors and their attractive blooms is a refreshing sight during spring. Although they only have a short blooming cycle, there is still a handful of evergreen that can provide a whole year round of vibrant flowers. These shrubs are a perfect choice for a border, foundation planting, shade and woodland gardens.

  • Rose of Sharon

With its variety of shades like purple, white, and pink, this shrub type not only makes an attractive landscape ornament but creates a great pattern when grouped together. The Rose of Sharon shrub is also used as a creative backdrop for garden plants and smaller shrubs. However, this shrub needs a season pruning to prevent a messy look, especially when planted along your home’s foundation.

  • Forsythia Shrubs

Its yellow spring blooms refresh the lame and boring hues of winter. Aside from its artistic form, the Forsythia is easy to take care of and is the best choice for screening and for softening landscape corners.

  • Barberry Shrub

Another favorite in landscaping, the barberry has green, thick leaves that change its color into the red shade when the fall season comes and literally produces berries too! It is usually mixed with grasses, perennials, and taller shrubs.

  • Boxwood Shrubs

Is just one of the evergreen landscaping shrubs that are commonly seen in gardens and spacious forecourts. They are usually used for edging and as a foundation plant. They are also preferred in creating privacy hedges and walled gardens.

  • Holly Shrubs

There are other types of holly. The English holly is the most common and popular because of its spiny-edged leaves and red berries during winter. Also known for being an independent shrub, landscape builders make use of the holly for foundation planting and screening hedges.

  • Juniper Shrubs

The evergreen juniper has been always one of the choices when filling in empty spaces between trees and other larger shrubs.

The shrubs that are known for their relaxing aromas are the following:

  • Weigela
  • Lilac Shrubs
  • Roses
  • Witch Hazel
  • Viburnum Shrubs

In fact, there are other ways of using shrubs when it comes to landscaping design and style. There are shrubs that can even grow successfully in plant containers which makes a small garden a perfect place for shrubs. But, you don’t just pick any shrub, you have to learn the characteristic of each type of this evergreen for you to make sure that what you have picked is what your garden and yard needs. So if you wanted to try having shrubs, contact the patio contractors Long Island for better landscape suggestions and preparation.

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