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How to select the best pad for your rugs?

Precious and very attractive silk rugs are considered as the most coveted possession by some rug enthusiasts who own them. Such people buy very costly rugs from a rug store investing money as they know that its value will increase as time goes and so they can sell and earn profit after some years or during their tough time. So the rugs so purchased are going to be kept secured and safe and they are not to be used carelessly as an everyday use careless article.

Needle punched rubber surface

Such rugs are kept in rug pads which are have textured surface with non slip bottom.  Rubber or jute surface is used for making these pads.   Many choices of these pads are available in the market. One hast to be very careful while selecting the suitable pads for keeping his rugs on them. When you buy one such pad take care to see that the surface of it is made from recycled jute which has undergone needle punching. Needle punching helps to create dense pads with textured surface. The texture will be helpful in keeping the rug attached to the pad. One has to take care to see that the pad contains solid layer of rubber at the bottom.

There are other cheap versions  available in a rug store  which use latex spray or other chemicals.  This will not last long although it will be useful in holding the rug to the floor. Some other pads are there in which non slip surfaces with holes are used. This may be good for ordinary or cheap rugs. But for silk rugs a good foundation is needed for its proper protection and hence cheap versions cannot be considered at all. There are some thicker pads available in the rugs on sale va shops, which may misguide a person and land him in trouble if he opts for it. These thick pads have been found to be inadequate in holding the silk rug flat.
I remember one regular customer who used to invest money in this field. I have never seen her using any other pad purchased from rugs on sale shop than the rubber ones I have mentioned earlier. She says she had few rugs which were spread on pads with rubber bottoms and they are still looking fresh and valuable. She also says that whenever she gets some money that can be saved she invests them on rugs and protects them properly by using rubber bottomed pads.

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