What Is VLT And VLR In Car Window Tinting

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You might have heard or come across vehicles with blacked-out windows. While some people do auto window tinting to improve the visual appeal of their vehicles and others for privacy. However, it is important that you be aware of some important terms that you will find helpful. Let’s discuss!

Types Of Tint Percentages

When it comes to installing tints, vehicle owners have the option to choose between different percentages and types. The percentages can range from 5% to 90%. For instance, if you are opting for 50% window tints, your windows will offer little to no darkness and only half the light will be able to pass through. However, at the same time, it protects your vehicle against UV rays and prevents glare from the oncoming traffic, which could otherwise lead to serious accidents.

Moving onto the 35% tint gives you a much darker appearance both from the inside to the outside. Although you can easily see through but gives your vehicle a sleek look. As the percentage lowers, the tints become darker. The 5% window tints are blacked out, which means you can’t see through at all. But these tints are illegal in some states.

Visual Light Transmission

Now that you are aware of the tint percentages along with their features, it is time to move towards understanding visual light transmission, which is basically the amount of light that passes through your vehicle windows.

For example, if you opt for a tint that has 70% VLT, only 70% of the light shall be able to pass through the windows while only blocking 30% of the sun. This means that the darker the film you apply, the lower the amount of light will be able to pass through. The VLT percentage you opt for will determine how much heat and UV protection you will get along with glare reduction and security.

VLT as compared to the level of darkness defines the amount of light that will pass through, while darkness indicates how much doesn’t. Therefore, irrespective of the VLT level you install, you will still receive all the benefits that come with window tints.

Visible Light Reflection

Simply put, visible light reflection is the complete opposite of visible light transmission. It determines the amount of light that is reflected off the windows and away from your vehicle’s interior. As the sun produces radiation in the form of visible light, it can either enter your vehicle or bounce back due to reflection.

With that said, transparent windows don’t absorb light, but tinted windows do depend on the tint percentage. If you opt for a film with a high VLR, it means that most of the light won’t pass through the glass.

On the other hand, VLT is the inverse of VLR. A higher VLT percentage means that more light can pass through the window glass. Even though both VLT and VLR could be confusing terms, but it is important that you are able to differentiate between the two.

Do You Need A Darker Window Tint?

The level of darkness opted by vehicle owners is based on several factors such as privacy, UV protection, visual appeal, and interior protection. Another major benefit of dark window tints is that they prevent the vehicle from turning boiling hot in the summers.

In addition to that, some people need dark window tints for medical reasons such as protecting their skin. People with sensitive skin can use darker films to protect themselves against UV rays.

Apart from all the reasons that you would want to get window tints installed, it is crucial that you are also aware of the local rules & regulations. Every state has different regulations pertaining to the maximum level of darkness you can opt for.

If security and privacy is your concern, you might want to consider getting a permit. This prevents you from any law-related complications should law enforcement be to question you.

Final Worddark 

As this article reaches its conclusion, we are sure to have shared everything you need to know about car tint percentages, VLR and VLT. Make sure that you always follow the law and define your preferences and choose reputable window tint shops Springfield for car window tinting.

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