All one needs to know about elbow surgery

Damage to elbow is caused by many causes which include rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic fractures, old age etc.  Medication and physical treatment are the conventional treatment options for problems related to elbow. In some cases, elbow surgery is carried out to bring out relief to the patient. As elbow has some moving parts that are positioned in a well balanced manner inside the joint, any surgical procedure on elbow becomes very complicated.

Different procedures of elbow replacement

Sometimes only a portion of the elbow joint is to be replaced. If only one of the forearm bones is damaged, sometimes replacing the head of one of the damaged bone will be enough. In such cases replacement is done with a prosthesis head made of medical grade metal. The prosthesis valves available in the market can be classified into two categories. They are discussed below.

Linked:  These are something like loose hinges connecting all the parts of the joint. This type of prosthesis is good for joint stability. But the stress produced on them can make them loose.

Unlinked: Unlinked prosthesis comes as two pieces and is not connected together. These types of prosthesis depend on the surrounding ligaments to keep them held together. This type of prosthesis is prone to dislocation.

Preparing for elbow surgery

Your doctor may need to know  your medical history. Tell him all the medical conditions and allergies that are related to you. Inform him whether you are an alcohol addict or a regular tobacco user. Doctor would like to know whether you take any vitamin supplements or any herbal products. After understanding all the required details he will advice you which medicines can be continued and which have to be substituted by the medicines that will be suggested by elbow surgeon in woodbridge va.

What to expect?

Elbow replacement surgery usually takes 2 hours. The surgery is done under anesthesia.  After the surgery the patient needs to stay in the hospital for a maximum of four days only. The patient will be required to keep his arm in a splint.

Till the patient gets used to the new elbow he won’t be able to lift weights heavier than a cup of coffee or the like. It will take about 6 weeks to achieve this.

Elbow joint  a the synovial hinge that joints the humerus the bone in the upper arm and the bones in the forearm known as ulna and radius. This joint helps the hands to be moved in all directions especially towards and away from the body.

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