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Pros And Cons Of Home Addition

Basement in new construction home with fireplace

Like with any investment when it comes to your living space, home additions have their own advantages and disadvantages, and if you are thinking of going the route of adding space to your home, you should definitely make yourself aware of these.

Pros of Home Addition

It’s Less of a Hassle Than Moving

We will not claim that opting for a home addition is completely hassle free, since it may require you to live inside the construction zone for some time, and bear with all the dust and noise. But doing so is still infinitely better than the effort you would be required to put in, and the stress that comes along with it, when searching for a new home. If that is not your thing, just go for an addition.

Increase Property Value

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future and are looking for a way to add a quick boost to its market value before you put it up for sale, there is no better option for you than a home addition. Think about what it is that a potential buyer would want. Perhaps you can add a home office or a second garage. Research well and you may be handsomely rewarded.

You’ll Obtain Extra Living Space

You may have started the family as just two people, but now that you have young ones, you obviously need more space to accommodate them, not just for now but in the future for when they grow older. A home addition is a much more economical way of getting more living space or entertainment rooms on your existing property compared to looking for a bigger house, since price increases exponentially with land area.

Personalized Space

As discussed above, it is not always necessary that a home addition is just for living purposes only. Every person’s living habits are different and while the home you currently live in may be a good fit for general living, if you have some specialized requirements, a home addition is your best bet. Things like an indoor office or a greenhouse, a sewing room, a home theater and pretty much anything you can dream of are only possible through home addition.

You’ll Have Full Control Over the Design

Like previously mentioned, most homes are constructed for general use and therefore stick very close to standard offerings. If you want to add a touch of personality to your home, then a home addition is the choice to go. Depending on how much spending budget you have, there is no bound to the things you can accomplish with custom home additions.

Cons of Home Addition

Property Space

Since a home addition or home renovation only uses existing areas on your property, at the end of the day you are simply swapping on one space for another. So, for example if you add a swimming pool on your property, you may be left with less yard space.

Emotional Turmoil

We brought this up in the very first point we discussed. While a home addition is certainly less of a hassle than looking for a new home and relocating into it with all your belonging, if your idea of home is peace and quiet, then a home addition may not be for you either, as it involves constant coming and going of construction crew, excessive noise which can be detrimental especially if you have small kids, and a risk to your family’s safety and privacy.

It Could Be More Expensive Than Just Moving

Another thing to keep in mind is that while looking for a home may sound like too much work, in the end it may be the less expensive option than going for a large scale addition to your existing property, which not only involves drawing up new plans and getting approvals and building permits, you would also need to pay professional construction staff and acquire raw materials at your own expense. If all of this sounds too much financial burden to bear, better reconsider your home addition plans and simply go for a pre constructed home instead.

The Bottom Line

A home addition can be a very big responsibility and need a reliable home addition builder DC at your side. While it has many advantages, before you sign any papers, make sure you are fully ready to take on such a huge project, both mentally as well as financially.

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