How to fight heartburn in a systematic manner ?

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Heart burn is a common physical condition which causes much discomfort. Excessive acids and food that is undigested are regurgitated into the food pipe and some of them trickle into the lungs through the throat. This causes tremendous burning sensation in the lungs known as heartburn. In some cases the reflux reaches food pipe only and a burning sensation is experienced there. This is partial heart burn.

The best thing to do is to make sure that you eat slowly after properly chewing it.  If the food is not chewed properly, the stomach would have to do the additional work of breaking up the food particles so that they are easy to digest. When you eat fast you swallow air bubbles causing them to burp. So eat your food slowly sitting in a relaxed position and chewing them well. It will be better if you can take a small walk after your evening meal.

One can prevent heart burn by avoiding chemical irritants like spicy food, citrus fruit, wine, champagne etc. Tea coffee, cigarettes etc. Dry toasts and fried foods have to be avoided as they cause abrasions to the lining of the stomach. Very hot drinks also have to be avoided as they can cause some sort of physical abrasions. Cold milk can be used as an immediate suppressant.  It works as an excellent medium for the combining the acid with protein molecules. You can also use sodium bicarbonate or tonic water as the quinine in it has the same effect as of drinking cold milk. You can also try gases tablets or Lamberts peppermint capsules. Rubbing the stomach to tone the stomach muscles is also beneficial.

Autumn season’s specialties

The frequent temperature changes in autumn will cause problems for your body’s system of air conditioning as it has to cool the body one day and will have to heat it the very next day. Work load after a long summer holiday will naturally be heavy.  This stress and activity decrease our energy level and affect the immune system. The climate on the other hand is more suitable for the proliferation of insects and germs. So there is every tendency to get flu. So as a precaution boost your immune system by avoiding yeast products, chilled drinks, tea, coffee, cakes etc for two months. During this period it will be better if you can massage your neck and shoulders for ten minutes at least twice a week.

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