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Grease Trap Cleaning Services: Tips On How To Keep The Grease Trap In Mint Condition

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Do you have a grease trap in your place of work? It’s your responsibility to ensure that it’s in top shape all the time. Here are tips given by grease trap cleaning services providers on how to properly maintain your unit:

Do make sure the grease trap is properly installed

Everything starts here. There is no way your grease trap will function optimally if it’s improperly installed.

An improperly installed unit tends to develop problems every now and then which would require you to keep on hiring experts to fix it.  A tell-tale sign that your unit isn’t properly installed is the failure to accumulate grease.

The purpose of the grease trap is to hold grease; therefore, when no grease is accumulating in it, there is definitely something wrong with it. In such a scenario, you should hire a contractor who will help you with the inspection and fixing the problematic areas.

Do have the grease trap cleaned regularly

If the grease trap is properly installed and you are using the kitchen, grease is bound to accumulate in the unit. You shouldn’t let the unit accumulate a lot of grease as the grease will start running to the sewer lines which as you know is tragic.

What is the best way forward? You should undertake regular grease trap cleaning. Here you need to hire a grease trap cleaning professional who will get rid of all the grease that might have accumulated.

The frequency at which you pump out the trap depends on how you use it. If you regularly use it, go ahead and pump it regularly. If on the other hand, your kitchen isn’t too busy, you can go for a few months without worrying about it.

While this is the case, you should note that the law requires that you clean out your trap at least once every 90 days. In some areas, you will have to pump out the trap every 60 days. For you to avoid being on the wrong side of the law, you should find out the law requirements in your jurisdiction and follow them.

Do hire expert grease trap repair professionals

Even with the best care, it’s common for the grease trap to develop problems. The trap might start leaking, among many other things. When this happens you should hire the most experienced and certified professional to help you with fixing the problems. Don’t hire just anyone.

Some people hire the cheapest provider that they come across, but don’t do this. You should note that the contractor you hire is as good as the service you receive.

For peace of mind, work with a contractor who is certified by the necessary regulatory bodies. The contractors should also have several years of experience in the area.

Don’t use solvents or enzymes to clean the grease trap

To avoid the cost of hiring a grease trap professional, some restaurant owners use solvents to clean the traps. You should note that the solvents often don’t work.

Instead of cleaning, the solvents separate the oils, fats, and grease from the wastewater. The end result is grease settling at the bottom of the wastewater system, which it brings about clogging.

You need a professional who will remove the grease completely, leaving your trap clean and ready to give you a great service.

Do ensure that line jetting is done by an expert

Line jetting is a highly effective method of pipe cleaning and one of the most crucial parts of preventative grease trap maintenance. During the process, a grease trap professional inserts a hose with powerful jets into the plumbing system and forces water out.

By so doing, the contractor gets rid of any debris on the pipe walls leaving your lines in top condition. For ideal results and to maintain your lines in mint condition, it’s recommended that you perform the process at least two times a year.

Just like when cleaning the trap, don’t just hire anyone to jet your system. As rule of thumb, you should only hire certified and experienced jet/vac services providers. The best way to find them is through friends and relatives. Before you get into a contract with them, check their reviews.

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