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Different types of area rugs and their uses

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If you are new to the entire game of rug shopping, we understand that it is very easy to get confused. After all, there is a plethora of options out there when it comes to the rug materials. Furthermore, these rugs also tend to have a high price tag attached to them. So, how do you choose between antique rugs and modern wool rugs? Or perhaps, cotton rugs and silk rugs? Indeed, the options out there are endless.

So, in order to help you out and to make things a lot easier for you, we have decided to include a list of the top rug types and their uses in this article. This way, you will be able to a make a good decision for yourself depending on your requirements.

Common area rugs and their uses

Ultimately, there are three things that you need to check before buying a rug. These include your budget, the placement of the rug, and the style of the rug that you have chosen. Of course, there are other factors such as maintenance. But for the sake of simplicity, let us not go into that over here.

The most common types of area rugs and their uses include:

Wool area rugs

Real wool rugs are far more expensive in comparison to synthetic wool rugs. This is primarily because wool rugs have a lot of work involved. However, the quality of wool is better than other materials out there. They are so good that people pass them on from one generation to the other. This also makes them quite expensive.

Since they are extremely robust, they can deal with the high amount of traffic in spaces such as entryways, bedrooms, and living rooms.

This is why wool rugs are the prime choices for a big number of people. After all, they are very robust and are designed to last longer.

Silk rugs

Next up are silk rugs. These are perhaps the most comfortable option out there. However, with silk rugs, there are a number of downsides, Firstly, they are not used in high traffic areas. So, they are perfect for your bedroom but not for your living room or entryways. Similarly, silk rugs can also be expensive, due to the high amount of comfort that they give you.

Nevertheless, silk rugs have a very high-end vibe that they give off. This is the prime reason why a big number of people like to include them in their bedrooms. After all, they have a very cozy vibe.

Cotton rugs

In the end, we have the cotton rugs. These rugs are relatively inexpensive, as a result of this they are avidly used as living space rugs. While they can withstand a decent amount of traffic, it does not really matter even if they get damaged slightly. This is because you are expected to replace silk rugs after every few years anyway. Since they are not as expensive, it does not really matter if they get small stains or get damaged.

Ending note

These are definitely not the only type of area rugs. The choices out there are endless. So, when you go to buy rugs on sale Northern VA, you can always ask them for further guidance. So not forget to state your living habits and your prime purpose of buying the rug. This way, a rug dealer will be able to provide you good guidance. Otherwise, you are on your own. Just remember that rugs are a big investment. So, you also need to treat them as such. Otherwise, you may end up getting something that you do not like.

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