Create An Allergy-Free Pantry

One of the biggest challenges when dealing with allergies is the major adjustment to your diet and the food that you should be taking every day. Your allergy physician may even suggest to totally give your pantry a makeover of all the stuff that is in there. You should start practicing to keep your storage and food containers allergy friendly not just for your sake, but for the entire household too.

Having an allergic condition will automatically make a big impact on your lifestyle, especially the food that you intake on a daily basis may it be in your house or outdoors. At first, you may see it as a torture because of the handful of pantry staples and favorite snacks that you have to take out from your normal grocery list, but you will soon be thankful and realize that the healthier substitutions are not so bad after all.



  • Flour Options:

If you love to bake then you just have to find the right replacement to your usual cup of flour. You may not easily find the right blend you’re used to, but trying the different options in the market will give you enough time until you get to settle with one. One recommendation would be the “King Arthur Multi-Purpose Gluten Free Flour” which works perfectly well with cakes, cookies, muffins, and other pastries. It’s light and it doesn’t add too much weight on baked goodies.

  • Baking Mixes:

Although you wanted to bake stuff from scratch, sometimes the ready-mix ones are simpler and can easily have you make brownies or pancakes in less time. For an allergy free baking mix, you can try products from “Enjoy Life Foods” that is known for cereal, cookies, snacks, and chocolate chips. It also offers their new product, the (5) baking mixes which will now allow you to cook an all allergen free pancake, pizza crust, brownies, muffins, and a lot more.

  • Baking Powder:

For gluten-free baking powder, you can use “Featherweight Baking Powder”, which is also corn-free.

  • Cocoa Powder:

It’s recommendable that you stick to the unsweetened cocoa powder because it’s more organic.

  • Chocolate Chips:

Finding a chocolate chip with no allergen content can be really tricky and you cannot just easily find an indicator on the label that it’s allergy-free. Good thing “PASCHA Chocolate” produces chocolate chips and bars that are great for cooking, are allergen free.

  • Eggs:

If you are used to baking with eggs, maybe you can try replacing it with ground flax, chia seeds, pureed prunes, and unsweetened applesauce.

  • Sugars:

To make sure that you are using an allergy-friendly sugar, “Wholesome Brand sugar” is the right brand and product for you.


  • Pasta:

When it comes to staple varieties, pasta has it all. They have a wide range of gluten free option and the most basic gluten-free pasta is the one made from brown rice.  In fact, you can easily find this variant in grocery stores and healthy food shop. Other gluten-free pasta alternatives are produced from beans, quinoa, and corn.

  • Rice:

Aside from being the most affordable gluten-free option compared to pasta and grains, rice is gluten-free by nature. It is the least allergy-triggering staple and it comes with a wide range of varieties and color such as brown, red, white, jasmine, wild and a lot more.

  • Grains:

The common gluten-free variations of grains are amaranth, millet, teff, and buckwheat. They can be served or cooked in different ways depending on your preference – could be a classic salad or a warm dish perfect for the coming cold season.

There are surely more to be added to the list, but could you just imagine how handful your allergy-free foods are. This generation has valued the importance of organic and healthy products and has even volunteered to include those alternatives in their daily meals. The allergist Germantown couldn’t be more relieved to witness the change in this society. For those struggling with allergies from different sources, you can always start protecting and defending yourself from any attacks by changing what’s in your pantry and kitchen. Start investing in healthy recipes that can be your alternative to fast food and instant meals. Just think about the people around you who wanted to protect you too, so why don’t you do them a favor by making them healthier as well.

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